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Introduction to the Research Process

Steps in the research process

A flow chart consisting of 10 steps to completing the research process.

Basic Statistical Concepts

MedPage Tools: Guide to Biostatistics

A compilation of important epidemiologic concepts and common biostatistical terms used in medical research.

Choosing and Interpreting Statistical Tests

Appendix A of this article includes a diagram for choosing summary measures, statistical tests and methods and appendix B is a glossary of terms.

Test Your Knowledge of Statistics

Once on this page, the Supplemental Content link on the right allows you to download the Appendix: Biostatistical Knowledge Test Survey Instrument which can be used to test your general knowledge of statistical concepts. An answer key is provided.

Introduction to Biostatistics for Clinical and Translational Researchers

KUMC sponsored course in biostatistics comprised of four two-hour lectures on selected topics relevant to clinical and translational research.

Guidelines for Publication

These guidelines can help you design your research and increase your chances of getting published in peer-reviewed journals.

Review Criteria for Research Manuscripts from AAMC

Guidelines to produce high quality research publications

Equator Network: Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research

Planning and conducting your research, writing up your research, data sharing, reporting data

Guidelines for reporting statistics when you publish

Basic Statistical Reporting for Articles Published in Biomedical Journals: The "Statistical Analyses and Methods in the Published Literature" or The SAMPL Guidelines

Guidelines for using statistics in grant applications

Statistics Guide for Research Grant Applicants


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