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Introduction to Epidemiology

The following information comes from HealthKnowledge. This e-learning course covers basic concepts of epidemiological study designs through one-page overviews of each topic.

Course author: P Sai Kumar, Imperial College London. Resource text adapted from material written by Maria Kirwan.

Measures of disease frequency and disease burden

Measuring health and disease

Errors in epidemiological measurements

Introduction to study designs

Geographical studies

Observational Studies

STROBE guidelines for the following oberservational studies:

Cross-sectional studies

Case-control studies

Cohort studies

Randomized Trials

CONSORT guidelines for randomized trials

Intervention studies and randomised controlled trials

Survey Research

Guidelines for survey research:

Conduct and Reporting

Field Surveys

Self-administered Surveys

Web Surveys

Interviews and Focus Groups

Developing a questionnaire

Causation in epidemiology: association and causation

Role of chance, bias and confounding in epidemiological studies


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Last modified: Sep 13, 2018