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Introduction to Biostatistics

The following 10-minute videos will help get you started with brief introductions to research and statistical concepts.

*These video summaries are chapters 1 - 10 of Perdisco's Introductory Statistics textbook and are featured on Perdisco's YouTube channel. To find out more, visit

Chapter 1: Introduction (statistical concepts, data, collecting data, designing research)

Chapter 2: Presenting data (summarizing data: tables & graphs)

Chapter 3: Measuring data (means, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, range, interquartile range, scatterplots, correlations)

Chapter 4: Probability (definition, calculating, conditional probability and Bayes' Theorem)

Chapter 5: Probability distributions (types of data: discrete random variables, binomial distribution, continuous random variables, normal distribution)

Chapter 6: Sampling distributions (relationship of the sample to the population)

Chapter 7: Estimation (confidence intervals)

Chapter 8: Hypothesis testing (philosophy, methodology, considerations, type I and type II errors)

Chapter 9: Comparing populations (testing the difference between two populations and the confidence interval of the difference)

Chapter 10: Regression (fundamentals, simple linear regression models, multiple regression)

This glossary of terms might assist you when viewing the above videos.

*Retrived from: Windish DM, Diener-West M. A clinician-educator's roadmap to choosing and interpreting statistical tests. J Gen Intern Med. 2006 June; 21(6): 656-660. PMCID: PMC1924630


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Last modified: Sep 13, 2018