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Modifications to Your Study

Modifications / amendments are expected to occur through the life of your study. These modifications could include protocol changes, personnel updates, new recruitment materials, and updated consent forms as a result of protocol changes.

For expedited and full-committee studies, modifications will be submitted in the electronic system. Once your currently-approved study is registered in the system, you'll be able to make further changes. Steps to submitting a modification follow.

Step 1: Choose the Scope of the Modification: Study Personnel Changes AND/OR Other Parts of the Study.

  • The Study Personnel Changes scope only allows additions or deletions to the study team members list.
  • All other changes would be requested through the scope Other Parts of the Study.
  • You can choose both scopes if you don't already have a Modification open for that study.

Step 2: Choose the corresponding Quick Start Guide on Modifications:

Step 3: Check to see if re-consent is necessary

Step 4: Submit the study or Notify the PI to submit

Step 5: Respond to Provisos/Modifications Required for Approval

My study was an exempt review. How do I request modifications?
For exempt studies that were approved before eIRB implementation (approx. Aug. 2013), please contact the HSC office for further guidance.

Can I submit a modification and continuing review at the same time?
Yes, a Modification can be submitted with a Continuing Review. HOWEVER, during these first few months while you are uploading your currently approved documents, we are requesting that you focus on getting those documents uploaded first and wait for processing by the IRB before you attempt to make any changes.

Select the Modification/Continuing review item and complete the continuing review portion to extend your project for an additional year. When prompted to summarize your modifications, describe this information in detail. Make applicable changes to your study and upload new materials and consent forms. Finally, click the submit button to send the project to IRB Pre-review.

I've tried to submit two or three modifications, but the system will not accept them all. What's happening with those requests?
After you've submitted one modification, you can't submit a second modification until the first one has been approved by the IRB. It would be advisable to list all the known changes before submitting the initial modification.

Last modified: Sep 14, 2018