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Initial Study Submission

All human research study applications (except reliance studies involving Wesley and Ascension Via Christi) are submitted and stored online in our electronic IRB system (eCompliance).

All KUSM-W IRB submissions will be reviewed by the KUMC (Kansas City) campus IRB that meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month. There are no submission deadlines. Complete submissions will be placed on the agenda of the next available meeting.

Step 1: Review a complete list of documents to prepare matched with the correct screen in eCompliance/eIRB for each document you plan to upload for your study.

This list includes preparing and uploading the required Study Protocol. If you are seeking a protocol format, the KUMC Protocol Templates are ready for your use.

Step 2: Choose a Review Type

See Risk and Review Types or refer to our guide on IRB Application Types to assist you in choosing the correct program description/review type.

Step 3: Complete the Corresponding Project Description or Request for Determinations of Other Projects

Each new proposal will be accompanied by an applicable Project Description. The Project Description provides the IRB with additional information, necessary for local review that is not captured in the electronic system.

Step 4: Request Scientific Merit and Department Reviews

Scientific Merit Review is required for all full committee and expedited studies; it is not required for exempt or retrospective studies. Department approval is required for all submissions. 

  • Scientific Review and Administrative Certification (combined form) 
    • Use this form when the department chair is providing both the scientific review and the administrative certification.
  • Scientific Merit Form (for Reliance Studies)
    • Use this form when scientific review is being provided by an individual or committee within the department. Note that a Scientific Review form is not required for exempt or retrospective studies.
  • Administrative Certification for IRB Submission (for Exempt or Retrospective Studies)
    • Use this form if the Department Chair/Director is approving the IRB submission on paper. The Chair/Director can provide electronic approval fo rthe submission by being designated an an Ancillary Reviewer. Please contact the IRB office with questions about ancillary reviews. 

Step 5: Complete Supplemental Initial Submission Forms as Needed

Step 6: Log into  

Please refer to the following guides as needed:

Step 7: Submit the Study or Notify the PI to submit

Don't forget this step! Your submission cannot be reviewed by the IRB until it has been submitted.

Step 8: Respond to Provisos/Modifications Required for Approval  

Last modified: Mar 02, 2020