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Consent Templates

Consent Templates for Greater than Minimal Risk Research

Key Information Examples
These examples are provided to help write the new key information sections of the Q&A FDA Regulated and NON-FDA Regulated consent templates:

Q&A Template and Consent Checklist for FDA Regulated Drug Studies

Q&A Consent Template for NON-FDA Regulated Studies - Revised January 2019
This template should be used for internal studies and for other projects where all data released to external parties has been de-identified according to HIPAA standards.

Consent Template for Registries - Revised 9-8-2016

Q&A Surrogate Decision Makers Consent Form - Revised October 2018
This template is appropriate for persons who are consenting to research on behalf of another adult who does not have decisional capacity.

Consent Template Parental Permission - Revised 5-18-2009

Consent Template Child Assent Examples - Revised 1-26-2009

Consent Template for Pregnant Participant/Partner - Revised 1-29-2015

Consent Template for Optional Sample Storage and Future Use - Revised 1-29-2015

*Consent Templates for Minimal Risk Research

Focus Group consent template - Revised 1-20-2017

Survey consent form template - anonymous, no HIPPA - Revised 1-28-2015

Survey consent form template - not anonymous, no HIPPA - Revised 1-28-2015

Survey consent form template - not anonymous with HIPPA - April 2017

Consent Templates for Flexible Review Research

Flexibility Consent Template - Biorepository

Flexibility Consent Template - Focus Groups with HIPAA

Flexibility Consent Template - Minimal Risk Procedures

Flexibility Consent Template - Registry

Flexibility Information Sheet - Focus Group, no HIPAA

Flexibility Information Sheet - Survey with identifiable information

Withdrawing Consent

Template for Withdrawal or Partial Withdrawal of Consent for Research - March 2015

Last modified: Jan 17, 2019