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Continuing Review

What is a Continuing Review?

The KUMC IRB is required to conduct continuing review of each human subjects study at least annually, which provides an opportunity to reassess the totality of the project. This review assures that risks to subjects are being minimized and are still reasonable in relation to any anticipated benefits to the subjects and the knowledge that is expected to result.

How do I know when the continuing review for my study is due?

Via email from our electronic IRB system (eCompliance), you will receive a 90 day, 60 day, and a 30 day notice before the date your study is set to expire.

What is the process for submitting my Continuing Review?

For continuing review, please ensure that your request for continuation is received at least 21 days before the project expires. If studies are not submitted before that date, there may not be sufficient time to review before your approval lapses. Investigators must take the following steps to request continuation of their current studies, listed below (OR in the Quick Start Guide - Create a Continuning Review in eCompliance):

Step 1: Prepare the form entitled Continuing Review Supplement (December 2019)

Step 2: Access the study in the electronic system under the Active tab by the current STUDY#.

Step 3: Select the Create Modification/CR button under My Current Actions in the left panel.

Step 4: Select the Continuing Review option if you are

  • NOT changing anything, or
  • NOT uploading any other documents besides the Continuing Review Supplement, or
  • if you are closing the study (screen shot guide).

OR Select the Modification and Continuing Review option if you are planning on making any changes to the study at this time (i.e., personnel changes, adding new documents for approval, fliers, and changes in wording to the informed consent, protocol etc.)

Step 5: Complete the online questions and upload the Continuing Review Supplement to the Supporting Documents section.

Step 6: If you have chosen the Modification and Continuing Review option, complete the corresponding modification at this point. Refer to our Modifications to Your Study page for details.

Step 7: Submit or Notify PI to submit for review.

Last modified: Mar 02, 2020