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Center for Clinical Research

Staff stand outside the Center for Clinical Research

Welcome to the Center for Clinical Research (CCR) at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita. We are pleased you want to learn about the work we do to benefit patients and practitioners in all areas of medicine. If you are a patient interested in participating in a clinical trial or a physician wishing to refer, please review the participant pages of our website and feel free to call us to discuss your interest. If you are a sponsor wishing to conduct a clinical trial with the CCR, please refer to the sponsor information section of the website. We look forward to providing the best service for our participants, referring providers and sponsors.


The Center for Clinical Research is dedicated to conducting trials in a safe, professional and respectful manner in order to contribute to the discovery of new treatments in all areas of medicine.


The Center for Clinical Research conducts clinical trials in order to further the knowledge of clinicians about disorders and potential treatments, so the best care can be determined for patients.

The most important task of the Center for Clinical Research is to monitor all research participants for safety throughout the entirety of their participation by performing lab tests, procedures and receiving feedback from participants.

We strive to deliver a pleasant experience for all participants enrolled in a clinical trial by interacting in a professional manner and treating all participants with respect.

Last modified: Jan 15, 2021
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KU Wichita Center for Clinical Research

1010 N. Kansas
Wichita, KS 67214
Phone: 316-293-1833
Fax: 316-293-1829

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