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Leadership Elective for Healthcare Quality, Financial Stability and Provider Well-being (PVMD 978)

Are you fully prepared to positively impact the health care environment you'll work in beyond your caring for individual patients? Successful and satisfied physicians and other clinicians will be able to align organizational infrastructure and processes with the provision of high-quality care. Doing so is not easy and requires learned skills. A critical task is creating harmony between the values of the clinician and those of the health care organization. Navigating conflicts between money and mission can impact additional outcomes, such as reducing clinician burnout.

Many courses in physician leadership focus on career advancement (Straus, 2013 PMID 23524921). This alt-leadership elective instead focuses on helping organizations to learn, innovate and change. You will learn by leading a QI project and creating change while studying related leadership tactics. Skills taught include writing persuasive proposals, coalition building, working with colleagues with different values, balancing money vs. mission, balancing teamwork and autonomy, and creating satisfying workplaces that are safe and effective for patients. Technical skills taught include lit searching; data collection, analytics, and visualization; and effective emails and meetings.

We encourage prereading selected passages of Team of Teams, by General Stanley McChrystal (details available on request).

Please ask if you would like to coordinate this experience with Honors or research. Students from all three campuses are welcome.

For Students

For Clinical Sites

Highlights from prior months

Improving control of hypertension at the JayDoc student-run clinic SPC chart of an intervention bending the curve in the final days of the course (this has only happened once)
hypertension control chart SPC chart of intervention

About the course and its mission

  • This course is based on the prior KUSM-W Population Health in Practice required MS4 course.
  • Students learn about careful literature searching to guide population management and summarize the recommendations from their searches in evidence-based edits at WikiDoc (see list of edits).
  • Students learn about institutional change and positive organizational psychology.
  • Students use tools such as LucidCharts and the collaboratively developed open QITools to help analyze existing clinical processes.
  • Students learn about the funding, delivery, and ethics of population health. Each project includes a projected financial analysis.
  • Availability this year: May 25 through June 19, 2020.



Contact Robert G. Badgett, M.D., or Iva Chrisman, coordinator, in the Department of Population Health at 316-293-2627.

Last modified: Dec 05, 2019