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Thank you for your interest in supporting the efforts of KU Wichita Pediatrics. Between educating new physicians, developing ideas for improving care for the future and caring for children of Kansas, we have a lot going on. Please take a look at four ways your gift can help us toward our mission.

Four ways your gift can help us toward our mission:


KU Wichita Pediatrics Research is committed to a better future for children and families through our community, clinical, and translational research projects. Your gift will directly support new research ideas, develop the research skills of our faculty, and help us disseminate new discoveries, including tools and programs to reduce infant mortality and enhance genetics services, and practices to improve care for preterm babies.

Give to Research


KU Wichita Pediatrics serves the children and families of Kansas by providing clinical programs, advocating for child health and safety, and providing leadership in our community, region and state. Your gift will directly support our clinical services, child advocacy programs, and development of faculty.

Give to Development


KU Wichita Pediatrics develops future generations of doctors who are learning to provide optimal care for the children of Kansas. Your gift will help ensure the best educational experience possible, including simulation activities to perfect skills and a wellness curriculum to foster resiliency while caring for terminally ill children.

Give to Residency

KU B.E.A.R.S. 4KIDSKU Wichita Pediatrics stuffed bear sitting in grass with blue shirt, Wichita flag logo on foot

Bears Enabling Advances in Research and Support for Kids is a program that uses stuffed bears to comfort children during treatments. By sponsoring a bear, a reassuring friend will be matched with a child receiving treatment. The proceeds from the bears will go toward pediatric research to discover new ways to make and keep children healthy.

Give a Bear

Last modified: Feb 14, 2020