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Our Residency Program is involved in a national pilot study commonly referred to as "X+Y," which uses an innovative scheduling structure with the following features and goals:

  • It creates a flexible immersion experience in which all rotations are three weeks long followed by a one-week, longitudinal Ambulatory experience.
  • The three-week rotations allow for sustained focus on that area of pediatric medicine by minimizing outside afternoon obligations such as Continuity Clinic.
  • The increased focus on a given rotation maximizes the ability of residents to build rapport, create stronger relationships among residents, nursing staff, patients and families, enhance patient ownership, decrease task switching and handoffs, and reduce job stress.
  • Several outpatient General Pediatrics experiences are incorporated into the Ambulatory week, which repeats every fourth week throughout the year so as to build long-term continuity with clinic staff and patients.
  • It aims to bring these benefits from other nationally renowned programs to Wichita in order to provide our residents a more meaningful education which prepares them better for independent practice.

Curriculum for 3-year Pediatric Residency Program

PL-1 18 weeks Inpatient Service
  3 weeks Newborn
  3 weeks NICU
  3 weeks PICU
  3 weeks Emergency Medicine
  3 weeks Individualized Learning
  6 weeks Subspecialty Electives
  13 weeks Ambulatory Medicine
PL-2 9 weeks Inpatient Service
6 weeks Individualized Learning
  3 weeks NICU
  6 weeks PICU
  13 weeks Ambulatory Medicine
  3 weeks Behavioral/Developmental
3 weeks Night Senior
  6 weeks Subspecialty Electives
  3 weeks Newborn Senior
PL-3 9 weeks Inpatient Supervising Resident (IPSR)
  3 weeks Newborn Senior
  10 weeks Individualized Learning
  5 weeks Night Senior
  3 weeks Emergency Medicine
  9 weeks Subspecialty Electives
13 weeks Ambulatory Medicine

Last modified: Mar 18, 2021
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