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Resident Clinic

KU Wichita Center for Internal Medicine is the clinic through which Internal Medicine and Med/Peds residents rotate during their years of training.

Residents are assigned in a team of seven to eight residents with at least four seniors plus two attending physicians. The assigned team is like a small group practice where residents work together longitudinally. Every team rotates one week in clinic every five weeks. This ensures immersion in the outpatient world and allows gaining skills more quickly as residents can concentrate without the distraction of other obligations.

Residents are supervised by clinic director, Dr. Elisha Brumfield, Dr. Robert Badgett, Dr. Gerard Brungardt, Dr. Debra Hunt and Dr. Lisa Le.

Specialized learning opportunities are provided during the clinic week block. These include:

Small Group Board Review
Once weekly your team will enjoy small group review.

Procedure Opportunities
Protected time is available to gain experience in additional elective procedures. These include central line placement, intrauterine devices, thoracentesis, paracentesis and intubation.

Simulation Experiences
Simulation curriculum has been created to improve team leadership skills and practice emergency scenarios. 

Individualized Learning Activities
Senior residents are able to designate special learning blocks to enhance their areas of interest. This time can be designated for research, literature review, board study or working with designated mentors.

Last modified: Jul 22, 2019