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Key Partners & Organizations

The following organizations and partners contributed to the project by participating in key informant interviews, completing surveys, and/or providing feedback and technical assistance.

  • Environmental Finance Center
  • Groundwater Management Districts
  • Kansas Association of Counties (KAC)
  • Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE)
  • Kansas Environmental Health Association (KEHA)
  • Kansas Farm Bureau
  • Kansas Farmers' Union
  • Kansas Geological Survey (KGS)
  • Kansas Ground Water Association
  • Kansas Legislature
  • Kansas Public Health Association (KPHA)
  • Kansas Rural Water Association
  • Kansas State University (KSU)
  • Kansas Water Office (KWO)
  • Kansas Water Resources Initiative
  • KDHE Certified Laboratories (Labs)
  • League of Kansas Municipalities (KLM)
  • Local Environmental Health Professionals (LEHP)
  • Midwest Assistance Program
  • Regional Advisory Committees
  • United States Department of Agriculture-Rural Development
  • Water Well Contractors and Drillers
  • Water Well Owners and Users
Last modified: Feb 06, 2019
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