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Family Medicine Preceptor Tips

Goals and Objectives

The student will function as a subintern on the Family Medicine services at Via Christi, Wesley, or Salina Medical Centers. Each student will work closely with faculty and residents, and play an important role in the team care of hospital patients. The course is designed to maximize student opportunity to take responsibility for patients while ensuring support and active teaching by faculty and residents. Specific duties include:

  • Initial assessment and work up of new patients
  • Development of treatment plans
  • Writing orders and learning hospital administrative procedures
  • Participating in discharge planning and follow-up arrangements
  • Participate in call schedule
  • Emergency room evaluation and treatment of patients
  • Attendance at all morning report and other residency activities
  • Presentation of a case report to faculty and residents at the end of the subinternship
  • Work in residency out-patient offices
  • Participate in surgery and procedures

Students are required to discuss patient-care interventions and have orders co-signed at all times. This is not only for medical legal reasons, but also to maximize teaching opportunities.


Preceptor Evaluation of Student Performance

Evaluation will be based on day-to-day performance plus case report. The parameters measured will be knowledge base, skills, and attitudinal aspects using documents developed by the department. Case study assessments will be based on the demonstration of an understanding of the influence of the family and community on the development, management, and plans for follow-up of the medical condition, in addition to traditional aspects of medical and preventive care.

Last modified: Oct 01, 2018