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Resident Spouses Group

WCGME Better Halves

Welcome from WCGME's Better Halves!

We have a very active spouse/significant other group here in Wichita, and we'd love to connect with your "Better Half"! Join at any time throughout residency, as we have new people at most of our events!Better Halves logo

Residency is a unique phase of life for everyone involved, and we try to make it easier on spouses and significant others (and the residents as a result!). We have supportive community, monthly social events for "Better Halves," an active online forum to answer any questions you may have, a weekly playgroup for stay-at-home parents, community service and more.

Find us on Facebook at You will need to request to join the group, but we will add you quickly!

You can also email us at, and we will get you connected.

Please save the date for our 2019 Better Halves Welcome Brunch on Saturday, June 29, 2019. More details to come!

Last modified: May 09, 2019