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Exams and Evaluations


Residents participate in the Annual American College of Radiology In-Service Exam and the annual Radiologic Physics examination (RAPHEX). First-year residents are given a mock ER exam prior to beginning call. All residents participate in an annual mock written exam administered by the program director. Third-year residents currently also undergo an additional mock written exam administered by subspecialty faculty members. The exam structure is structured to reflect the ABR core examination format. Residents are allotted educational leave to attend the ABR core exam, as well as the ACR and RAPHEX exams.

All residents are provided with access to: Radprimer, StatDx, Imaios e-Anatomy login, core exam preparation books, physics course and Huda Physics book. 


Upon completion of specialty rotations, the staff will evaluate the resident using a standard written form to include the six General Competencies endorsed by the ACGME.

  1. Patient Care
  2. Medical Knowledge
  3. Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  4. Professionalism
  5. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
  6. Systems-Based Practice

This form is available to the resident for review in the program coordinator's office. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess performance and behavioral characteristics deemed necessary for an accomplished diagnostic radiologist. Resident strengths and weaknesses will be discussed with the Program Director semiannually. First-year residents will have a quarterly review with the program director or assistant program director, summarizing the resident's progress and emphasizing areas for improvement. All other residents will undergo a semi-annual review. At this time the resident will also be given an opportunity to address any general issues that they may have.

Evaluation forms are also distributed to patients for feedback regarding physician performance. Those involving residents are returned to the program director for inclusion in the resident's portfolio. Formal dictation evaluations are also performed.

Graduating senior residents undergo a final review with the program director in June of their senior year.

Staff Evaluations

Residents have the opportunity to anonymously evaluate teaching staff during each rotation. The results of these evaluations are tabulated and summarized every six months, and reviewed by the program director. The results are then discussed with the staff for the purpose of strengthening and improving the residency program. An overall review of the residency program is completed annually by the residents and teaching staff. The results of this confidential program questionnaire are reviewed by the education committee and shared with both the residents and staff.

Learning Portfolio

Residents maintain an electronic learning portfolio where they provide documentation of their progress in the ACGME's six general competencies. Residents can carry the portfolio with them upon completion of residency, serving as a bridge to their maintenance of certification.

Goals and Objectives

Formal "Goals and Objectives" are written for each rotation, structured under the six general competencies. A reading and reference list is provided for each rotation as well.


Last modified: Oct 08, 2020
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