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RAVE Emergency Text Messages

​​RAVE Emergency Text Messages are available to all university and affiliate personnel on our campus.

RAVE alerts are used to send accurate and up-to-date information in emergency situations, such as weather closures, tornado warning, lockdown, etc. To receive these important messages, make sure your information is updated using the instructions below. Please email questions or concerns to Emergency Management.

University faculty and staff instructions:​

  •     Sign in to Identity Management using your KUMC Network ID and password
  •     Upon sign-in, you will see information on how to fill out the RAVE profile
  •     Click "University Employee Profile" on the left side bar
  •     Click "Edit Your Information" at the top of the page
  •     Update mobile phone number using area code and dashes: xxx-xxx-xxxx
  •     Enter additional mobile numbers for extra phones or family members, if desired
  •     To receive RAVE alerts, ensure that "False" is marked. If "True" is marked, you will not receive emergency messages.
  •     Enter your alpha pager number if applicable
  •     Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page

University student instructions:​

  •     Students should be automatically opted in. Students who are also employees should follow faculty/staff instructions
  •     To ensure you are opted in or to update information, sign in to RAVE here
  •     Enter KUMC Network ID and password
  •     Click "Emergency Contact Info"
  •     Opt-in, opt-out, or update information
  •     Make sure all three steps are complete
  •     Be sure to click "SAVE" at the bottom of the final page in order to save information
  •     Students who have opted out will see "You are not currently subscribed to receive emergency notification messages." on the Enroll & Pay homepage

Affiliate instructions​:

  •     Go to
  •     Click "Register" on the right
  •     Create an account
  •     Select Wichita-student from department and building drop-down
  •     The site will confirm your phone number​​
Last modified: Nov 01, 2018