Pioneers Recruitment Registry

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The Pioneers Recruitment Registry is a collaborative initiative sponsored by researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) and other regional hospitals and universities. This medical registry is designed to match people in the community who are interested in participating in research with appropriate research studies. The Pioneers survey may be completed online or on paper, and individuals will be asked to provide contact information and information about their general health and medical diagnoses.

Pioneers Registry

Researchers who wish to list their study must have their research study approved by an institutional review board and a Pioneers registry oversight committee. When approved, the researcher will receive only the name and contact information of people who meet their study criteria. Researchers may contact these people to see if they are interested in the study and ask questions to see if they are eligible.

Signing up for the Pioneers registry does not mean that individuals are consenting for a specific research study. When you sign up to be a Pioneer, you are taking the first step toward helping discover new treatments and cures.

To sign up to be a Pioneer or to view current studies, visit

Last modified: Oct 02, 2013