Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Conference - October 4, 2016

This conference is intended to showcase Quality Improvement and Patient Safety research. Events will include a keynote presentation, breakout sessions, and poster symposium.

List of Abstracts

Keynote Speaker
Joann Paul, RN, MSN
Director of Quality, Saint Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, MO
System Director of Time Critical Diagnoses, Saint Luke's Health System

Joann is a nursing professional with over 30 years of professional experience in clinical, administrative, education, and leadership roles, including scholarship work and publications around the area of patient experience, patient safety, and performance improvement. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from St. Louis University School of Nursing in 1975 and then completed a Master's degree in Adult Medical Surgical nursing from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in 1983.

Experienced in critical care and adult medical-surgical nursing, she has been at Saint Luke's Hospital for the past year as Director of Quality, Infection Prevention and as System Director for Time Critical Diagnosis. She worked with the HRET/KHA Partnership for Patients Campaign as the Quality Improvement Leader for the Kansas Hospital Engagement Network. She finished the AHA-NPSF Comprehensive Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship, Thirteenth Cohort, with the National Patient Safety Foundation and works continually to improve patient safety and prevent patient harm in the acute care environment.

The author of two books, scholarly articles, and dozens of presentations, her current work centers on mechanisms to allow for the spread and sustaining of quality improvements. She and her husband have restored two historic homes and currently live in an early twentieth-century prairie style home in Kansas City, Kansas.


For tips on how to create your poster and what content to include, click here. If your project was funded, be sure to acknowledge your funding source. Public Affairs has templates available to assist you in creating your poster.

Research Poster Templates

Breakout Sessions

Disparities in Healthcare: Equal is Part of Quality

Sharla Smith, Ph.D., MPH
Research Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine, KUSM-W

Disparities, equity, and equality will be discussed with a focus on the difference between diversity and inclusion; local disparities in our community; and possible solutions to improve the quality of health and healthcare.

Just Culture: Error Reporting for Patient Safety & Quality Improvement
Brian Pate, M.D.
Chair of Pediatrics, KUSM-W
Justin Hein
Via Christi Health System
Joey Dean
Director, Risk Management, Wesley Medical Center

Given the evidence that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in America*, what can we do to recognize and improve our systems?

Scholarship in Quality Improvement & Patient Safety
K James Kallail, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Office of Research, KUSM-W

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety are part of the field of Implementation Science. Learn tips for publishing, including IRB requirements and use of SQUIRE guidelines.

Quality Improvement Tools
Gina Berg, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine, KUSM-W

Learn basic QI tools and their application, including fishbone diagrams, praeto charts, run charts and more.

Compassion Fatigue: A Patient Safety Issue
Gina Berg, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine, KUSM-W
Francie Ekengren, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Wesley Medical Center

Complete a self-assessment to determine your risk of compassion fatigue/burn-out and identify solutions for prevention and management.**

Elements of a Quality Improvement Project
Megan Dingwall, M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, KUSM-W

Trainees and faculty need guidance in developing meaningful QI projects. This step-wise approach will ensure you meet your aim.


*Makary MM, Daniel M. Medical error - The third-leading cause of death in the US. BMJ 2016;353:i2139.
**Berg GM, Harshbarger JL, Ahlers-Schmidt CR, Lippoldt D. Exposing compassion fatigue and burnout syndrome in a trauma team: A qualitative study. J Trauma Nurs 2016;23(1):3-10.

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