Reporting New Information / Events

What needs to be reported?

All reports of new risk information, unanticipated problems, adverse events, non-compliance, audits and monitoring reports are now submitted in the electronic system. Please review the types of new information that should be reported. For specific types of reports, additional information may be needed. 


When reporting protocol deviations, please ensure that your report includes at a minimum each of the following elements:

  • Subject's initials and study patient identifier
  • The date informed consent was signed
  • Occurrence date of the Event being reported (cycle and day if applicable)
  • What the actual deviation is that is being reported
  • How/why did this happen
  • Was the sponsor notified and any response from the sponsor
  • Did this cause a harm or risk to the patient
  • Corrective plan of action so this will not occur again

A reporting checklist and tool can help you when creating a deviation report:

Adverse Events

NOTE: Additional documentation is needed when reporting external adverse events in multi-center trials. Please include:

  • The sponsor's determination that the event is an unanticipated problem, along with the sponsor's action plan to address the problem, or 
  • Documentation that the sponsor approves changes to the study (if the local PI has determined the event represents an unanticipated problem).

Reports without this documentation may be returned without review.

How quickly should I report something?

Reports should be submitted within 5 working days of an individual's knowledge of the event / information. Urgent information, or report of a study-related death, must be reported in 24 hours. Please feel free to contact the Human Research Protection Program-Wichita at 316-293-2610 with any questions about these new reporting guidelines.

How do I make a report?

Unlike a modification or CR, Reporting New Information can be associated with one or more studies, or with no study at all. Since most RNIs are associated with a specific study, please use the RNI Quick Start Guide to assist you in the process of filing it under the specific study.

Last modified: Dec 12, 2017