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PowerPoint Tips

If you have a PowerPoint tip you’d like to have added to this page, please email Public Affairs at

Add Borders – You can add borders to text boxes or photos. Select the box/object and go to the Format tab. Select the Shape Outline you desire. Whatever treatment you choose, you’ll want to be consistent.

Add Images - PNGs are the preferred file format for images in printed posters. Avoid the use of low-resolution files as they will reproduce poorly. To insert an image, select Insert, then Picture. Select the File and press OK. To avoid distorting images, click on the corners to make them larger or smaller and keep them in proper proportion.

KUSM-W Logo Right KUSM-W Logo Wrong

Adjust Line Spacing
– To add or remove space between lines, select the Home tab and go to the Line Spacing section.  

Adjust Tabs – To adjust the width of the tab, click the Grey Triangles on the ruler at the top of the file and move them.

Align Content – Hold the control button down as you click on the boxes/sections you want to align. Once they are selected go to the Home tab, select the arrow below Arrange, then click Align and select the appropriate option (ex. Align Top)

Change Poster Size – While the standard research poster size is 48” x 36,” you’ll want to check the requirements where you’ll be displaying your poster. Before adding content to the template, make sure the size is correct. To check and adjust the size of the template, go to the Design tab and select Page Setup. Adjust the Width and Height.

Create Text Box – To create a text box, go to the Insert tab and select Text Box. Click in the poster and drag the mouse while holding down the right button. When you have the size you’d like, release. To adjust the size of the text box, you can fill it with content or with the text box selected go to the Format tab and change the numbers in the size boxes.

Format Copy – To format copy, highlight the copy and click on the Paintbrush button located on the left side of the Home tab. Select the formatting option of your choice. To copy formatting, click on the F4 button after applying formatting and select the text box where you would like to apply that same formatting.

Left Justify – Left-justified copy is easiest to read. Highlight the text or select the text box. Go to the Home tab and in the Paragraph section select the bottom right button with the lines justified on the left.

Print to Size – To see a small scale draft of your poster or to create handouts, go to the Microsoft button (upper left) and select Print from the drop-down menu. Select Print then click the box next to Scale to Fit Paper and print on 8.5 x 11 paper.

Print Your Poster – Save your PowerPoint file as a PDF document before submitting it for printing for best results. When printing on campus through Educational Technology, send the original PowerPoint file in case adjustments need to be made. 

Use Color – KU School of Medicine-Wichita faculty, students, and residents are asked to use KU blue, KU red, and KU yellow offered under Recent Colors when possible.

View Full Size - To see a portion of your poster in full size, go to the View tab and click on Zoom. Select 100%. This is a great way to check to make sure the resolution of your images is high enough.

Last modified: Oct 30, 2018
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