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Please use NationsPrint when ordering business cards and stationery.

  1. Use your email address to login or create a new password
  2. Once logged in, select the Wichita campus
  3. Choose your product from the catalog and click "Add to Basket"
  4. Add your specific information to the "Imprint Information" column
    • In most cases, "Rm#/Building or Parent Unit" may be left blank, since School of Medicine-Wichita is already included
    • For business cards: Please note that the system's default is to list for the website, but it also includes on the second website line. Feel free to delete the second website line, if desired.
  5. Once finished, click "Continue Shopping" or "Checkout" to approve the product
  6. Double-check the shipping information to ensure that your correct address is listed and click "Billing Info"
  7. Identify funding source - STATE (FEE, RFF, RINST) or PRIVATE (KUEA)
    • State funds
      1. BPC
        • fill out credit card information on the "Billing" page
      2. PO
        • Create a PO in PeopleSoft
        • PO Address
          • Printing Solutions of Kansas, Inc.
            725 N. 2nd St., Ste. W
            Lawrence, KS, 66044-1475
            Vendor ID: 0001003137
          • Enter PO number in space provided on the "Billing" page
          • DO NOT send the PO. The vendor does not require it and it may result in a duplicate order
          • When the order is received, process as normal in PeopleSoft
    • Private funds
      • Choose PO and enter a "dummy" PO number in the space provided on the "Billing" page.
        • NOTE: DO NOT create an actual hard copy PO - Printing Solutions only wants a number. We suggest using your department number preceded by five 0s, e.g. 0000033012. This must be a 10-digit number.
      • DO NOT send a PO. The vendor does not require it and it may result in a duplicate order
      • An invoice will be sent to you to process as normal


Please contact Public Affairs if you have any questions regarding business cards or stationery or would like for us to place your order for you.

Last modified: Oct 30, 2018
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