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The goal of completing a research project is to allow residents to learn how to develop an adequate hypothesis, develop and understand what constitutes a well-designed scientific study, and learn how to interpret the use of statistics. During this project, residents, with the assistance of a faculty mentor (attending), the research coordinator and other research staff, will develop a well-designed hypothesis, develop a method to adequately test the hypothesis, and learn what statistical methods work best in establishing the validity of the study. Residents will learn about the strengths and potential pitfalls of statistical analysis. Residents will learn how to better interpret the literature. By performing their own study, residents will be better able to understand and interpret the quality of the literature.

Original Research Project    
Each Orthopaedic resident is required to perform one research project during his or her residency. The research project should be one of his or her design. In order to successfully complete the residency, each resident must have completed the study and written a manuscript in publishable format.

Quality Improvement Project
Quality Improvement is a crucial component of any healthcare system. Residents, as part of the healthcare system, are required to take part in group quality improvement projects of their choosing. These are longitudinal projects that are designed to have local impacts on Orthopaedic healthcare delivery. Dedicated group meeting times are built into the conference schedule.

Case Reports
Though not an official requirement, publications of case reports are highly encouraged. Our clinical faculty are eager to provide cases and aid in the publication of meaningful Orthopaedic literature.

Resources available:

  • The department of Orthopaedics has dedicated research staff to assist our residents throughout the research process beginning in its early stages to IRB approval, all the way to final publication.

Research staff

  • Our affiliation with the KU School of Medicine-Wichita's Research department provides for further resources and collaboration with other specialties.
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