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Residents Schedule

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The link above is an outline of the resident's master schedule broken down into respective years.  

In the PGY-1 year of residency, the focus is on primary care and obstetrics. Each resident has one month of Emergency Medicine and one month of obstetric ultrasound. While on Emergency Medicine, each resident fulfills the role of primary responder while training to care for various conditions they may see in their practice. Ultrasound consists of a month of becoming skilled with sonogram techniques and performing full anatomy scans, biophysical profiles, and recognizing ultrasound characteristics of genetic syndromes.  

The blank boxes of the first-year schedule represent the months that the resident is on service. On-service months consist of rotating between running Wesley Medical Center's labor and delivery, working at Wesley Women's Care Clinic, and doing surgical cases. A night float system is also in place for labor and delivery. Each first-year resident works night shift two months of the year.

The PGY-2 year is focused on ambulatory primary care and gynecological surgery. Each resident has two months of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Gynecologic Oncology where they work as the back-up for the PGY-3 on those services. They also do one month of Urogynecology. (See the respective links under subspecialties on the home page for a description of these rotations.) Second-year residents also spend one month working in Emergency Medicine and two months on night call. Blank months represent the time the resident is available for day call or surgeries. While on night/day call, the resident takes OB-GYN ER pages and admissions, manages laboring patients at the Birth Care Center, and manages inpatients, both as primary and consultants.

The PGY-3 year residents primarily focus on the subspecialties with three months each of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Gynecologic Oncology, and Reproductive Endocrinology, as well as one month each of an elective and surgery. Third-year residents also have one month of night call where they act as the senior resident for all clinic laboring patients at Wesley as well as the Birth Care Center.

In the PGY-4 year, the residents are expected to function in a supervisory capacity. Three months out of the year, one fourth-year resident functions as chief resident. The chief resident is responsible for the entire service and is expected to fulfill an administrative role by preparing the schedule for the residents each day as well as coordinating any communication between residents and staff. Residents also have one month of outpatient gynecology, which can be spent with a private doctor in Wichita or a surrounding area or can be spent participating in gynecologic ultrasounds. One month of the year is spent on breast rotation in a breast clinic and with radiologists, where residents become comfortable with breast examinations, biopsies, sonograms, and mammograms. One month is spent on Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstruction.

Residents from each level are assigned to individual clinic teams. Each clinic team spends one afternoon a week in the Wesley Women's Care Clinic seeing their own continuity patients. The colored boxes represent the day of the week that the resident is in office. Prenatal, obstetric, and gynecologic problems are managed in the clinic, and residents have the ability to perform colposcopies and LEEP procedures, and place IUDs/contraceptive implants. Residents also see patients at the Hunter Health Clinic, an underserved patient population, on Fridays.

Wednesday morning is set aside as protected didactic time. Residents and faculty attend grand rounds lectures that encompass a variety of topics presented by residents, staff, and guest lecturers. After the lecture, the residents have three and a half hours of organized learning in preparation for CREOG examinations and to discuss topics to improve patient care. Sessions include electronic fetal strip review, ACOG and Practice Bulletin discussions, prolog question review, and laparoscopic surgical curriculum, and case reports from various subspecialties. In addition, journal club is presented once a month where the residents participate in presenting a recently published article. Morbidity and mortality case discussions, involving multiple disciplinaries, also occur on a monthly basis.

The department of obstetrics and gynecology sends residents to conferences covering a variety of topics. All conference costs are covered by the department, and it is an excellent educational and bonding opportunity. First-year residents attend a general obstetrics/gynecology conference. Second-year residents are sent to a required FLS testing. Third-year residents have the option to attend a conference of their choice to present research and quality improvement, which is also funded by the department. In the fourth year, residents attend a board review course of their choice in preparation for written and oral boards upon graduation.

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