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Collaborative Practice Agreements gain popularity along path to team-based health care
May 04, 2017 -- In clinics, classrooms and pharmacies, the Wichita branches of the KU Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy are teaching physicians, pharmacists, medical students and residents about the work each does, all with the goal of improving patient care. The collaboration often occurs with the help of community partner Health ICT, a program funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that endeavors to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity.
Early experiences inspired KU donor Rosalie Henry
May 04, 2017 -- Growing up in rural western Kansas, Rosalie Henry experienced first-hand what a lack of medical care can mean. Those experiences played a role in Henry choosing a career in health care as well as her decision to endow a professorship in rural health at KU School of Medicine-Wichita.
KU Medical School ranks number 2 nationally in percentage of family medicine residents
Mar 09, 2017 -- Jayhawks - the University of Kansas variety, that is - are used to high national rankings. The latest No. 2 ranking comes not for the school's basketball team, but for the medical school for the percentage of students it is sending into the crucial specialty of family medicine.
'Implementation scientist' will help put new clinical guidelines into practice
Mar 08, 2017 -- For the first time, an AAP clinical guidelines committee will include an “implementation scientist,” and Dr. Brian Pate, chair of the Pediatrics Department at KU School of Medicine-Wichita, has been chosen to play that inaugural role on one addressing infantile hemangiomas, the purplish, vascular abnormality that looks like a birthmark.
KU researcher leads a community toward better health
Mar 01, 2017 -- The expertise and guidance of Judy Johnston, a research instructor at KU School of Medicine-Wichita, are helping a hospital and county in far western Kansas better understand the health needs of their diverse communities.
WSU collaboration continues in biomedical study
Feb 09, 2017 -- Now in its second year, collaboration between biomedical engineering students at Wichita State University and residents at the KU School of Medicine-Wichita continues to put forth intriguing possibilities.
Rural rotation reinforces medical student's interest in family medicine
Feb 07, 2017 -- Baalmann usually saw about 15 to 18 patients a day during the four-week rotation, starting with 8 a.m. pre-rounds in the hospital and continuing with outpatient care at the attached clinic until about 5:30 p.m. Living in a house across the street from the hospital, she was also on call three nights a week.
Paraguay physician on familiar ground during KU visit
Feb 02, 2017 -- Dr. Oliver Schmidt is one of the few family physicians in Chaco, Paraguay. He recently visited KUSM-W as part of the long-running Kansas Paraguay Partners Physician Faculty Exchange Program.
New pediatricians expand Wichita's cancer-fighting resources
Jan 24, 2017 -- Two of KU Wichita Pediatrics newest pediatric subspecialists – hematologist-oncologists Dr. Nathan Hall and Dr. Rajoo Thapa – came from near and far to expand the care and resources available to young Kansans suffering from cancer and diseases of the blood.
Physicians, winemakers, find peace at Grace Hill
Jan 10, 2017 -- Physicians going back to Hippocrates have extolled the virtues of wine. Drs. David and Natalie Sollo, who started their own winery a decade ago, say making the stuff is nearly as pleasurable as consuming it.
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