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WSU collaboration continues in biomedical study
Dec 27, 2016 -- Now in its second year, collaboration between biomedical engineering students at Wichita State University and residents at the KU School of Medicine-Wichita continues to put forth intriguing possibilities.
Paraguay physician on familiar ground during KU visit
Dec 27, 2016 -- Dr. Oliver Schmidt is one of the few family physicians in Chaco, Paraguay. He recently visited KUSM-W as part of the long-running Kansas Paraguay Partners Physician Faculty Exchange Program.
Physicians, winemakers, find peace at Grace Hill
Nov 15, 2016 -- Physicians going back to Hippocrates have extolled the virtues of wine. Drs. David and Natalie Sollo, who started their own winery a decade ago, say making the stuff is nearly as pleasurable as consuming it.
Pioneer of Spirit AeroSystems stays busy in retirement with 4Wichita Board
Nov 15, 2016 -- Jeff Turner grew up in Wichita and went to Wichita State University before joining and then leading Boeing Wichita and Spirit AeroSystems. He's a Shocker through and through, but he's also a fan of KU School of Medicine-Wichita and its record of turning out doctors for Kansas.
Rural rotation reinforces medical student's interest in family medicine
Nov 14, 2016 -- Baalmann usually saw about 15 to 18 patients a day during the four-week rotation, starting with 8 a.m. pre-rounds in the hospital and continuing with outpatient care at the attached clinic until about 5:30 p.m. Living in a house across the street from the hospital, she was also on call three nights a week.
Small-town physician feels at home in St. Francis
Nov 14, 2016 -- Brown works at the Cheyenne County Hospital and Cheyenne County Clinic. St. Francis sits about 15 miles from Nebraska and Colorado. The town has about 1,300 residents and the county another 1,000. The hospital serves patients from adjoining counties and states as well.
New pediatricians expand Wichita's cancer-fighting resources
Nov 14, 2016 -- Two of KU Wichita Pediatrics newest pediatric subspecialists – hematologist-oncologists Dr. Nathan Hall and Dr. Rajoo Thapa – came from near and far to expand the care and resources available to young Kansans suffering from cancer and diseases of the blood.
APRN ... clinic director ... KDNYGVR
Nov 14, 2016 -- Kristin Jones, director of the psychiatric outpatient clinic at KU School of Medicine-Wichita, has a new personalized license plate – KDNYGVR – and she hopes everyone following her around will think or ask about it.
Interprofessional training provides medical education for the real world
Oct 03, 2016 -- The pharmacy school’s involvement at JayDoc began last fall and is just one of several ways the 80-student pharmacy campus and KU School of Medicine-Wichita are working together to prepare students for a health care system increasingly focused on teamwork and interprofessional education.
New board member believes in the value of medical education
Oct 03, 2016 -- Involved in many extracurricular activities, Jennifer Szambecki couldn't say no when asked to join the 4Wichita board at KUSM-W. She believes in the value of medical eduation and is excited to tell the story.
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