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Policies and Procedures

Medical students are required to have a complete immunization record on file at Academic and Student Affairs. Immunization requirements are listed on the immunization record form available through Academic and Student Affairs.

Failure to comply with the Student Health Immunization Policy will result in denial of class registration.

Click here for more information on required Immunizations.

Click here for the Wichita Immunization Form.

Student Exposure Protocol
In the event of injury or exposure to blood, body fluids, or other infectious materials while functioning in the role of medical student, please follow the following protocol:

At the KU Wichita Adult Medicine clinic during office hours, report immediately to the Medical Director. If you have questions, call the KU Adult Medicine clinic at 316-293-2622. If you are at any other facility, follow facility protocol.

These procedures are consistent with Center for Disease Control guidelines and the exposure protocol used for all KUSM-W faculty, staff, and residents.

KUMC Infection Control Policy

Acute Significant-Risk Infection (ASRI) - There are various acute infections that pose a significant risk to patients, co-learners, faculty and staff. Acute infections included in this list that pose a significant risk include but are not restricted to: Influenza, Strep Pharyngitis, Varicella/Zoster, Hepatitis A, Active MSSA/MRSA infection, Pertussis, Active Clostridium difficilecolitis and mumps. This list is subject to change without notice.

Chronic Significant-Risk Infection (CSRI) - chronic infections that could pose a significant risk to patients, co-learners, faculty and staff would include the following: HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and tuberculosis. This list is subject to change without notice.

Affiliate Institution (AI) - There are many affiliate hospitals and institutions both urban and rural. There are also many students learning in the VA system. All of these entities are considered affiliate institutions for the purpose of this policy

KUMC Campus - Any campus in the KUMC system. The tri-campuses are Kansas City, Salina and Wichita.

Student Health Center (SHC) - Each of the campuses has a designated Student Health for their campus. Students on away rotations will report to the affiliate institution per their protocols. Student Health Services (SHS) refers to all collective student health services on any campus and the administration thereof.


All enrolled students in the KUMC system with either an ASRI or CSRI must advise in person or by telephone the appropriate Student Health Center of the presence of such infection. Examples of an either an ASRI or CSRI under this policy are defined as above. Students that have acquired many of the ASRIs may not need to be seen in person at the SHC but may need to refrain from scheduled learning activities until the acute episode is no longer considered contagious. Students that are unclear if they have an infection that poses a significant risk may call the SHC for advice and consultation. Students that have seen a provider outside the SHC system should notify the SHC of such infections as are covered under this policy.

Prior to participation in school activities, all students are required to have their SRI risk status assessed. Students with a known CSRI or ASRI may be asked to:

  • give consent to release of appropriate medical records to providers at their SHC
  • be evaluated in person by their SHC providers
  • obtain diagnostic testing
  • potentially be referred to the appropriate specialist depending on the nature of the SRI.

The student is responsible for any and all costs (some of which may be covered by medical insurance) involved in evaluation of his/her condition. Students should be assured that patient confidentiality will be maintained.

The Staff at SHS has an obligation to reduce the risk of transmission to patients, other students, faculty and staff on the KUMC campuses. Therefore, a decision about the risk the student poses to the health and safety of others on the KUMC campuses or while performing student duties at an AI will be the responsibility of the SHS Staff; taking into account that some AI's may have more restrictive policies.

Medical Records Policy
Your medical information is your property. This information is considered confidential and will not be released to anyone other than you or a health care provider for the purpose of continuity of care. The records may be released upon receipt of written approval from you.

If you request your medical records you must provide proper identification and specify date of service or reason for the request. You must complete a release of medical information form.

Medical records requested by a health care provider for the purpose of continuity of care are free of charge.

Medical records requested for other purposes will be billed to you using the standard medical records fees as established by the State of Kansas and KUSM-W Medical Practice Association. This fee must be paid prior to receipt or faxing of the records.

Last modified: Oct 17, 2018
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