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The Childhood Obesity Clinic is staffed by a physician and a dietician. They work with families to evaluate a child's health risks from being overweight and help them identify strategies for lifelong lifestyle changes to contribute to a healthy weight. The clinic accepts patients from ages 2 through 18.

The Failure to Thrive Clinic is for patients that have suspected significant nonorganic contributors to the child's poor growth and is designed to help support their primary care physicians. The program focuses on a strength based approach with time devoted to parent education. Continuity of care and close follow up are important factors in success. The Clinic takes patients at any point in the medical workup and works with patients with organic diseases. The Clinic focuses on the children who are failing due in part to psychosocial factors.

Consultations for Child Abuse - Pediatricians with subspecialty training in all areas of child maltreatment including physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect, are available for outpatient consultation on an urgent and nonurgent basis.

The PKU and Galactosemia Clinic provides clinical care and metabolic nutritional management, diagnostic services, and genetic counseling to children and adults identified with PKU or Galactosemia. The clinic is directed by Dr. Brenda Issa, a general pediatrician with several years clinical experience in this area. Additional staff includes: Charlotte Buchanan, Registered Dietitian and Julie Wellner, RN.

The Pediatric Hemoglobinopathy and Sickle Cell clinic provides clinical care, diagnostic services, and genetic counseling to children and families identified with sickle cell disease, thalassemias, and other hemoglobin traits or diseases. The clinic is directed by Dr. Rebecca Reddy, a general pediatrician with 9 years of clinical experience in this area. Julie Wellner, RN, with over 20 years of inpatient and outpatient care of children with serious medical conditions, is the nurse coordinator for both clinics.

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