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Sweet Emergency Fund

A safety net for patients
Private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Ryan White Title II and Title III funding cover the majority of treatment and medication costs for patients. However, these funding sources cannot cover transportation costs, eye care, emergency dental services and other specialty services. These services are vital, but for which no safety net currently exists. Patients who face financial hardships due to medical care costs can become stressed; the stress can exacerbate an already stressful struggle with their illness. Patients can access assistance through the Sweet Emergency Fund to help pay these costs.

The Sweet Emergency Fund is a safety net for patients who need assistance with transportation costs, overnight lodging when seeking treatment in Wichita, eye care and emergency dental services. To seek assistance from the fund, contact the HIV program administrative coordinator at 316-293-3405.

How you can help
Donations are sought throughout the year for the Sweet Emergency Fund so the fund can continue to provide assistance to patients for critically needed medical, dental and eye care, as well as transportation and lodging. No administrative fees are charged to the Sweet Emergency Fund. All dollars contributed go directly to assistance for patients. All contributions are tax deductible.

To make a donation, send your check to:

Sweet Emergency Fund
c/o KU Wichita Medical Practice Association
1010 North Kansas, Suite 3034C
Wichita, KS 67214

For more information, please call 316-293-3405.

Last modified: Apr 16, 2019