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Shandi Appier, M.D. Shandi Appier, M.D.

Shandi was born in Southern California but grew up in Overland Park, Kansas. She is a lifelong Jayhawk, having completed her Bachelor of Science in cognitive neuroscience at KU, followed by her medical degree. Shandi has a passion for international medicine and has had the opportunity to participate in medical experiences in Eastern Africa and Southern India. In true Med/Peds fashion, she has many medical interests and does not know where life will lead her after four years of residency. In her spare time, Shandi enjoys booking the occasional singing gig, being outdoors, traveling, and spending time with her canine fur child, Eisengard.

Joseph Borick, M.D.Joseph Borick, M.D.

Joseph was born and raised in south Florida where he learned to survive in the harsh conditions of the beaches and soccer fields. He went to the University of Miami for his undergraduate degree and majored in microbiology and Immunology. While in college, he had time to play soccer as well as woo his beautiful and brilliant wife, Jamie, who completed her Family Medicine residency. They bonded over their passions for the Gospel and global health. It was their desire to get their feet wet in global health and see if they had the constitution to live overseas that encouraged them to pursue medical school at the Medical School for International Health at Ben Gurion University in Israel. They lived in Israel for three years and were able to experience medicine in other countries such as India and Ethiopia as well. During their fourth year of medical school, their son, Luke, was born and he was lucky enough to live on three continents during his first seven months. Since beginning residency, they have welcomed their second son into the family. They enjoy the outdoors, sports, gardening, reading and many other pleasant activities. Joseph hopes to pursue a fellowship in Infectious Disease and follow whatever path God leads his family, home or abroad.

Chris Bryant, D.O. Chris Bryant, D.O.

Chris grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California where he would regularly escape to the great outdoors to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing and backpacking. He transplanted himself to the Midwest in 2004 and instantly fell in love with the people, food, and seasons. His convoluted path into medicine took him from working in the field of finance in Kansas City to attending medical school in Tennessee and finally residency in Kansas. Chris's goal after finishing residency is to practice somewhere out in the country where he will not get any weird looks when he wears his hiking boots to work. He strongly believes that all life is precious and each day is a wonderful gift from God.

Jon Burt, M.D.Jon Burt, M.D.

Jon was born and raised in Colorado, and like many Coloradans developed an unreasonable love for the outdoors and adventure. Attending the Waldorf school in Denver and through obtaining his Eagle Scout Rank, he learned many life skills such as painting, knitting, sewing, woodworking, singing, how to eat cold oatmeal when one cannot have a fire, and of course what it was like to be a sub-par basketball player. As a wise 18-year-old and having learned all there is to know in life, he was finally ready to branch out on his own and moved 45 minutes away from home to study integrative physiology at CU Boulder. Working as a phlebotomist after college affirmed his drive to do more for the patients he saw, and so with the idea of the Caribbean sun and sandy beaches, and with a new understanding of spontaneity, he attended Ross University School of Medicine to pursue his dreams. In choosing to study med/peds in Wichita he hopes to make a difference in his community as a primary care provider, and believes that wishes can indeed be fishes if one never stops believing and working toward that goal.

Always on the pursuit of new hobbies outside of his love for medicine, he has found an interest in traditional archery, martial arts, hiking, energetically arguing both sides of cyclical debates, running, golf and loving his first niece of his twin brother, all of which require strict practice with small but meaningful gains.

John Henry Carson, M.D.John Henry Carson, M.D.

John Henry was born and raised in Colorado, where he attended undergrad, medical school, and grad school, prior to coming to Wichita to continue his training. Luckily, he definitely struck gold in the Midwest; he has a beautiful woman whom he loves - who makes him better every day - and he is exceptionally grateful to have the chance to impact patient lives and well-being. He is refining the focus of his training to include the dynamics of rural health systems. He is motivated to help provide cost-effective health care for rural communities, in outpatient, inpatient and emergent settings. He believes systems are best optimized when multiple levels of community leadership are engaged, and he hopes to interface with communities and leadership after his residency training is complete.

Deshanett Clay, M.D.Deshanett Clay, M.D.

Deshanett (aka Desha) was born in Los Angeles and raised in Long Beach, California (where there is sunshine year-round). She attended UCLA, majoring in neuroscience. After graduation, she spent a few years working to save money in the field of accounting before continuing her education. Desha then moved to Philadelphia, where she lived for two years while obtaining her Master of Public Health at Drexel University School of Public Health. Immediately following grad school, she moved to Kansas City to start medical school at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, completing her clinical years in Wichita. She chose Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Med-Peds) for the vast opportunities available to her through the combined specialty and is drawn to the wide variety of diseases and illnesses a Med-Peds physician treats on a daily basis. After finishing residency, Desha plans to practice as a hospitalist and to work with the local and state community to improve public health, hopefully in a sunny area that will allow her to continue to follow the path God has set for her.

Desha's family is very important to her, and she loves to spoil them every chance she gets. They all reside in sunny warm places. When she is not jetting some place warm, she enjoys her friends, cooking, shopping, movies and jigsaw puzzles.

Connor Ernst, M.D.Connor Ernst, M.D.

Connor grew up in Andover, Kansas, but moved to Dallas, Texas, during high school. For the next 10 years, Connor made the Lone Star State home by attending the University of Texas at Austin for his bachelor's degree followed by Texas A&M College of Medicine. Connor is excited about the comprehensive training that Med-Peds offers and is thrilled to be returning to Kansas to complete his residency.

Connor and his wife, Samantha, welcomed their adorable son, Andrew, in 2017 during their last year of medical school and law school, and daughter, Maizy, in 2019. As a family, they enjoy good food, unique travels and their Catholic faith.

Cynthia Kibet, M.D.Cynthia Kibet, M.D.

Cynthia was born and raised in Kenya, famous for its warm weather, wildlife, warm beaches and yes, those long-distance runners. While she does come from the community of marathoners and runners, she unfortunately has hidden her running gene deep, deep down. When not busy in the medical field taking care of the ill, she prefers to spend her time with her wonderful husband, Gilbert, and their two children. Her idea of a relaxing day is spending the time reading a book or watching a movie at home, much to the dismay of her husband.

Cynthia is excited to be living in Wichita, enjoys the wonderful people she works with and is looking forward to a fulfilling career in general practice and as a Primary Care Physician, caring for both adults and children.

Aimee Nguyen, M.D.Aimee Nguyen, M.D.

Aimee was born and raised in Washington, the state where there is lots of sunlight and very little rain. She attended Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she learned that school field trips do not usually involve seeing salmon runs or water quality testing. Aimee managed to overcome these cultural differences by bonding with fellow nerds while majoring in archeology. She went to Saint Louis University for medical school. In her spare time, she tries out new food recipes on unsuspecting test subjects. Aimee hopes to practice med/peds primary care with focus on complex pediatric conditions as they transition to adulthood.

Rachel Nichols, M.D.Rachel Nichols, M.D.

Rachel was born and raised in the Wichita area. Growing up in the country, she and her siblings were prone to many accidents and frequented the hospitals where she now practices. She attended Kansas State University and graduated from the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita. She enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying all that nature has to offer. While living in the city has its perks, Rachel is a country girl at heart and plans to practice as a rural hospitalist when finished with residency.

Rhythm Vasudeva, M.D.Rhythm Vasudeva, M.D.

Rhythm is of Indian origin and was raised in different regions of the world; namely Dubai, UAE and Nairobi, Kenya. He explores his identity with this cultural diversity, which has made him a more adaptive individual. He is an only child, loves music and likes to hike, travel, play cricket, and socialize during his free time.

Rhythm completed his medical school at University of Nairobi and later worked in an emergency department for one year in Kenya. Following this, he decided to pursue an Master of Science in clinical research at Boston University. This opportunity allowed him to conduct a quality of life research project in heart failure patients at Brigham & Women's Hospital. His decision to pursue Med/Peds rests on the ability to treat medical patients across all age groups and become a holistic physician. His career goals include incorporating clinical research alongside his clinical practice, and is hopeful to pursue a fellowship after residency.

Amy Williams, M.D.Amy Williams, M.D.

Amy was born and raised in Wichita. After more than 10 years as a critical care nurse, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. This journey took her to the Caribbean where she learned a lot inside and out of the classroom, including a love for scuba diving and deep sea fishing. After living in the Caribbean, she moved to New York City, which was a great opportunity to interact with and learn about many different cultures. The most important personal revelation was that truly she was a Midwest girl at heart. Amy wants to continue in her love for critical care as she grows into her new role as a physician, as well as diving deeper into her passion for international medicine.
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