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Both Medicine and Pediatrics feature a wide array of scheduled didactic activities, including noon conferences, board review sessions, journal clubs, morbidity/mortality, morning report, and grand rounds. Residents are expected to participate actively in many of these sessions, and are required to give a certain number of presentations before graduation. There is a Med/Peds conference once a month, which covers a topic applicable to both disciplines.

Computerized didactics involve modules covering everything from radiology exams to communication skills and topics in ambulatory medicine. Both the Peds and Med/Peds programs have also recently started building an electronic case-file.

Informal didactics include daily bedside teaching rounds on inpatient services, and resident and med student presentations on various topics, as well as senior resident teaching sessions. Most sub-specialists also have a series of fundamental topics which they cover through a combination of lectures and articles.  The ultimate goal of all the above, however, is to spark residents to be self-motivated, life-long learners, dedicated to the constant expansion of their knowledge base.

Last modified: Oct 23, 2018