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Peds ClinicPrimary ambulatory care experience occurs at KU Internal Medicine Clinic and Wesley Pediatrics Clinic. First-year residents typically see five to seven patients per half-day, with increasing numbers as they advance through residency. The goal of each clinic is to establish continuity of care to the greatest degree possible. Residents start with pre-assigned patients handed down from previous residents, but quickly begin to build their own panel through hospital follow ups, and by picking up new patients who establish care at the clinic through less traumatic means.

They continue to follow these patients all four years. While on inpatient services Med/Peds residents have clinic one half day a week, alternating between Medicine and Pediatrics clinic each week. While on electives and other rotations, clinic is usually two half days a week, one Medicine, and one Pediatrics. Both Medicine and Pediatrics require one month total time spent as the Acute Care Resident, i.e., handling all emergent and otherwise non-routine clinic visits. Supervision is provided by faculty in each specialty. Other ambulatory care training consists of required outpatient blocks rotating through specialties like Dermatology, Ophthalmology, etc. Pediatrics also requires rotations with Adolescent Medicine, Behavior/Development, Juvenile Detention, and others. Further ambulatory training occurs on sub-specialty electives, when residents work with their attending in sub-specialty clinic.

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Last modified: Sep 13, 2019