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Take the Assessment

All interested worksites are encouraged to take the assessment to evaluate their current worksite wellness activities.  The instrument contains approximately 80 items covering wellness topics such as physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco use, as well as strategies to address worksite health needs, including environmental changes, policy changes, and program implementation.

The assessment should take approximately 60 minutes to complete, but you may also exit and re-enter the assessment at any time.  The assessment should ideally be completed by someone with intimate knowledge of the company and its wellness initiatives such as someone from Human Resources or upper management, but anyone with an interest in worksite wellness can take the assessment.

Completing the assessment will allow an interested worksite to see areas in which their worksite could use a little more development in their approach and areas in which they are already doing well. For those planning on attending a workshop, completion of the assessment prior to the workshop is a requirement, as assessment reports (results from the assessment) are discussed during the workshop. The assessment report provides worksites with an idea of where they stand in terms of developing a comprehensive worksite wellness initiative. However, this is not to be viewed as an evaluation of what every worksite should be doing; instead, the assessment report provides ideas and concrete examples of different ways a worksite can develop a comprehensive worksite wellness initiative. At the very least, the report serves as means to begin a health-related dialogue within each worksite.

  • Though the WorkWell KS assessment must be completed online via the Survey Monkey link below, it is sometimes helpful for worksites to review the instrument in its entirety prior to completion. You may access a PDF version of the instrument here in order to review.
  • When you are ready to complete the assessment, please plan to spend approximately 45 minutes to complete it. However, you may stop and return to complete the survey on the same computer as often as necessary.


If you have questions about the assessment or how to take it, please contact Aubrey Wiechman at or Dr. Elizabeth Ablah at


Last modified: Oct 19, 2018