Available AV/ITV Equipment

audience response remotes

voice recorder

cordless mic


Audience Response System
Used in conjunction with a computer system and PowerPoint presentation to poll the audience to receive immediate feedback. 190 keypads are available. Requires special software to be loaded on the computer.

Digital Voice Recorder 
Recorder used to record voice via built-in microphone and the data is stored digitally.

Data/Video Projector 
Data/Video projectors are installed permanently in many rooms: portable projectors are available. These projectors are used to project a computer or video image onto a screen.

Document Camera
Electronic overhead utilizes video camera to project images; able to project transparencies and any type of printed material. Is permanently set-up in the Santa Fe, PC Classroom, and Wichita Rooms.

Flip Chart
Easel with large paper pads for writing on.

Laser Pointer
Hand held electronic pointer projects low level beam of "red" laser light.

Lavaliere (clip-on) or podium microphones are available. These are available as wired or wireless systems. Some rooms have sound systems permanently installed; portable systems are available.

Polycom Telephone Conferencing System
A Polycom telephone conferencing system with remote microphones is available and will accommodate a larger group (up to 20 persons)

Projection Screens
Various sizes are available for use. Most rooms have built-in screens.

Wireless Presenter
Small remote that will allow you to scroll through slides while giving a presentation.

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