New Employee Paperwork

To expedite the onboarding process, please print, read, fill out, and bring in the below forms on or before your first day of employment.  
Please also bring your original signed social security card (or receipt) for payroll purposes.

I-9 Citizenship Form - bring in original List A OR List B and C documents                                    I9 Instructions

Employee Personnel Information Data Form

Federal W-4

Kansas K-4

Authorization for Direct Deposit - attach a voided check

Employee Invention Assignment Agreement - print name on page 1; signature needed on page 5

State of Kansas Substance Abuse Policy

Wellness Room Consent Form - read page 1, read, sign and return page 2 only

Voluntary Self Identification of Disability 

Student Certification Form - for student workers only; attach a copy of your current course schedule

Contact HR with questions about completing these forms: (316) 293-2615



New Employee Orientation

We are excited that you have chosen us to support you in your career goals and look forward to assisting you in those endeavors.

This New Employee Orientation Module contains information you will need to know as you begin your career with us. We have provided information on key policies, benefits, employee services, information about our departments and where to go when you have questions. Read on to learn more!

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Last modified: Mar 24, 2017