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Resident Research Requirements

All residents entering into the General Surgery Residency program of the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita, Department of Surgery are required to complete a minimum of one research study. It is required that, for completion of the research requirement, the resident complete the study and write a manuscript in anticipation of submission of the manuscript for publication to an accepted journal. The requirement is met when the manuscript is polished to the level of publication quality. Manuscripts must be submitted to the Research Scientist or Chair of the Department of Surgery Research Council no later than July 1 of the resident's fifth year or there may be a delay in the resident's receiving their program certificate.  

Scope of the Research Projects

All research projects must be approved by the Surgery Research Council, and should be processed through the Surgery Research Scientist. Research projects shall be either prospective or retrosprective studies in order to fulfull the research requirement. All research projects must be approved by the KUSM-W Institutional Review Board (IRB) and specific hospital IRBs where implemented. Projects that have not received IRB approval will not be approved toward fulfilling the research requirement.

Fulfillment of the Research Requirement

A research project will only fulfill the resident's research requirement under the following conditions:

  1. The project must be completed to the satisfaction of the Surgery Research Council Chair.
  2. The data must be analyzed and a manuscript written.
  3. The manuscript that results from the research project must be submitted to a journal approved by the Surgery Research Council.
  4. The Research Council recognizes that we cannot guarantee the acceptance of a manuscript by a journal. We require that the manuscript be  submitted to an acceptable journal, not that it be accepted in order to fulfill the research requirement, although we do hope for all manuscripts to be accepted.


  1. Data collection should be complete by Dec. 31 of the fourth year of residency to allow time for data cleaning and analyses.
  2. Residents are required to have completed the surgery research requirement by July 1 of their fifth year of residency.
  3. If this requirement is not met, the resident may be required to take mandatory research leave that will be made up in July after completion of their five years of residency.
  4. The Program Director will not sign the American Board of Surgery application for any chief that does not have their research completed. The ABS application deadline is May 1 and late application deadline with an additional fee is at the end of May.
  5. If at any time it is deemed by the Research Council that a resident is not demonstrating appropriate progress toward meeting the research requirement and/or goals set forth by the Research Council, the Council may require the resident in question to take research leave until sufficient progress has been made. Any time spent in research leave is to be made up at the end of residency.

Presentation Expectations:

  1. It is the Department's expectation that residents will submit their study data to a scientific meeting for presentation.
  2. It is also the expectation of the Surgery Department that the resident will be responsible for presenting the project data should the abstract be accepted for presentation.
  3. If an abstract is accepted for presentation, the resident's manuscript MUST be completed prior to attending the scientific meeting. This requirement supersedes the general requirement deadlines.
  4. If a manuscript has not been completed prior to the resident attending the meeting, reimbursement of their meeting expenses will be held until the manuscript has been completed. 

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