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Clinical Experience

Our program places a strong emphasis in early operative and graduated resident responsibility. We provide residents with a wide range of clinical experiences. The volume of operative experience is excellent and easily exceeds the minimum requirements as determined by the ACGME Residency Review Committee for Surgery. There are no competing surgical fellowships in Wichita.

Clinical Experience

Class of 2017 Averages ACGME min. req. prior to 7/1/17 NEW ACGME min. req. effective 7/1/17
Surgeon - Total Major as Chief 234 cases 150 cases 200 cases
Endoscopy 245 cases 85 cases 85 cases
Laparoscopy (Basic & Complex) 236 cases
100 cases
60 basic
25 complex
100 basic
75 complex
Total Major 1027 cases 750 cases 850 cases
PGY-1 residents 2016-2017 (Class of 2021)
Total Major 194 cases
Last modified: Aug 17, 2017
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