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Faculty Enrichment Roundtable

2018 Schedule

January 25 "Storytelling: Narratives and Reflective Papers" - Anne Walling, M.B., Ch.B.
February 22 "Social Relationships Research Workgroup from Wichita State University" - Louis Medvene, Ph.D.
March 29 "Reading a Balance Sheet and Income/Expense Statement" - Gretchen Irwin, M.D., MBA
April 19 "Get to Know Your DFCM Clinic Pharmacist" - Tiffany Shin, Pharm.D., Ashley Crowl, Pharm.D., Amy Robertson, Pharm.D.
May 31 "Paraguay Trip" - Jennifer Wipperman, M.D., MPH
August 30 "Substance Abuse" - Daniel Warren, M.D.
September 27 "Chronic Illness and the Young Adult Couple: Fostering Coping and Resilience Through Brief, Clinical Applications" - Ruth Nutting, Ph.D.
October 25 "Motivational Interviewing" - Daniel Warren, M.D.
November 29 "Grant Writing and Collaboration Opportunities" - Kari Nilsen, Ph.D.

Contact Tiffany Bonfiglio at or 316-293-3533 for more information.

Last modified: Oct 01, 2018