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Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs responsibilities include all matters related to faculty appointments, assessments, promotions, awards, and academic service opportunities. Much of our work in Faculty Affairs is done in conjunction with the Kansas City Office of Faculty Affairs and Development, so many of these links will direct you to their site. 

Faculty Appointments

New Faculty Orientation: Through orientation, faculty develop a deeper understanding of our campus history, current initiatives, resources, and opportunities for growth and collaboration. Faculty typically have the opportunity to meet our dean, associate deans, and leaders of other campus initiatives. Faculty orientation is offered twice a year and is open to any interested paid or volunteer faculty members.

Our next faculty orientation is scheduled for 7 - 10 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 14. Contact Julie for more info:

Annual Faculty Assessments: Each year, members of the faculty who have at least a 0.5 FTE commitment to the School of Medicine complete an Annual Faculty Assessment (AFA). This assessment allows faculty to review their performance and outline specific goals and objectives in areas of teaching, research/scholarship, clinical service and professional/academic service. The process includes both a self-assessment and an assessment from the departmental chair, that when taken together provide a meaningful assessment of the faculty member's productivity and outlines the path forward for promotion and continued productivity. Click here to learn more.

SOM Academic CV: Any paid or volunteer faculty member who is considering applying for academic promotion must prepare his or her CV in the designated School of Medicine format. Many Department Chairs also require submission of SOM format CVs during the annual faculty assessment process. Please use the template linked below. The step-by-step guide explains each content area of the CV template in detail.

The Promotion and Tenure website contains everything you ever wanted to know (and then some!) about the academic promotion application process and the award of tenure. The following documents are frequently accessed. The Academic Rank Matrix enables a faculty member to determine his or her specific requirements for academic promotion based on track and FTE. The Domain Expectations provides examples of the types of activities that could be documented to demonstrate achievement in each category. The timeline for the 2018-19 academic promotion and tenure process is also provided below.

Career advancement workshops, including SOM CV workshops and academic promotion preparation workshops (for example), are offered at least once per year and for specific departments upon request. Check the KUSM-W Events Calendar for upcoming opportunities, or contact Julie to schedule a workshop for your department.

Academic Service: Engaging in service both in and outside of the University is an important aspect of life as a faculty member. You may already be involved in committee work within your Department. Consider these additional ways to get involved!

  • The Faculty Governance website contains information about the Faculty Council and Executive Committee, including the meeting schedules of these groups. The Faculty Council is an elected body of members responsible for conducting the business of the School of Medicine faculty. Duties include, but are not limited to, recommending and establishing actions relative to major academic programs, reviewing actions of Standing Committees, forwarding recommendations to the Faculty, and receiving and considering any matters presented to it by any member of the Faculty Council, Executive Committee or the Executive Dean. All faculty are encouraged to participate in meetings of the SOM Faculty Council. All individuals who have at least a 0.5 FTE commitment to the School of Medicine are eligible to vote in faculty elections and serve as elected or appointed committee members.
  • The KUSM-W Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group is committed to building and supporting a culturally competent campus. The Group hosts a number of activities on campus throughout the year and regularly contributes content to the Jayhawk Talk Online. Contact HR Director Crystal Nevins for more information.    
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