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Jayhawk Talk Online is a biweekly, online newsletter that is the official source for news and information about the KU School of Medicine-Wichita for students, residents, faculty, staff, and affiliates. Produced by Public Affairs, if you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 316-293-2643 or wicpa@kumc.edu.


Classified ads that are part of Jayhawk Talk Online are subject to specific rules and regulations listed below. Questions about ads can also be directed to Public Affairs.

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Rules for posting a classified ad

  • This free ad service is for students, residents, faculty, staff, and others who work for KU, MPA, and affiliates. Listings are not permitted for non-KU-related personnel, including family members unless they live in your household and are under age 18.
  • You can submit an item to buy, sell, or trade, and must resubmit – by email or phone – to list it again.
  • You must include a personal (not business) phone number or personal (not business) email address with a listed item.
  • You cannot promote personal businesses, commercial ventures, political causes, or other organizations.
  • Your submission is limited to 25 words or less, excluding contact information. Public Affairs reserves the right to edit the information.
  • Ad submissions deemed inappropriate will be determined by public affairs after consulting with the person submitting the ad.
  • Ads must be submitted by noon the Monday before Jayhawk Talk Online’s publication day (every other Wednesday).
  • General guidelines for ads will follow the policies established by University of Kansas publications.
  • Items not permitted include weapons; materials that infringe copyright laws; fundraising items (including group garage sales); employment ads (NOTE: You may place an ad asking for referrals for babysitters, house cleaners, repair workers, etc.); pets for sale (NOTE: You may offer pets for free); illegal items; tickets for area events that are not sold at face value (NOTE: You can sell tickets, but only at or below the original price); properties for sale or rent by real estate agents. If it is your property, include your phone number as the contact.
  • We will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, age, religious affiliation, or any other basis protected by law in the placement of ads, nor will we permit the advertisement of illegal or immoral items

To place an ad in JTO, please submit the following form:
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Department or KU status:
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Last modified: Jan 03, 2018
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