I. It shall be the fiscal and operational responsibility of Facilities Management to maintain all University buildings in operating condition and good appearance as well as removing snow and ice from facility parking in a timely manner. Such maintenance shall include the recurrent, day-to-day, periodic, or scheduled work required to preserve or immediately restore a facility to such condition that it can be effectively used for its designed purpose.

II. As contrasted to normal maintenance, projects that involve the alteration of physical characteristics of an area are viewed to be discretionary work. Discretionary work projects require prior identification of a funding source to finance the cost of the project prior to the work being undertaken. A service rate of $30/per hour will be administered for said discretional work or projects. Fees are waived on maintenance services requiring less than 30 minutes; services that require more than 30 minutes will be billed at the hourly rate in 15-minute increments. Examples of projects that are viewed to be discretionary are as follows:

A. Remodeling rooms

B. Adding electrical outlets and/or wiring

C. Preparation for addition of new equipment

D. Repainting when the major reason is a color change or to generally enhance appearance

E. Installation of items purchased by the Association

F. All moving services related to non-directed moves (moves initiated or desired by an individual or department, in contrast to those directed by the Dean's Office)

G. Picking up purchased merchandise at the vendor's or supplier's location, or a receiving point, delivery to the necessary location on campus

H. Maintenance on departmental equipment, unless prior arrangements have been made for Facilities Management to assume responsibility for maintenance to the equipment

Last modified: Feb 25, 2015
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