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First Class Mail

*Proper preparation of outgoing mail is the responsibility of the sending department and must meet United States Postal Service regulations. Addresses need to be complete so that the mail can be delivered to the proper place. The return address should also be complete in case the mail piece is undeliverable and needs to be returned to the sender. The bottom line of the address should be at least 5/8 inch above the bottom edge of the envelope, with the top line of the address being at least one inch below the bottom line of the return address. If the address includes an "ATTENTION'' line, it should be the first or second line of the address, NOT positioned below the address or the side. The zip code should be on the last line of the address with the city and the proper State abbreviation. The bottom 5/8 inch of the envelope should remain free of any writing or graphics since this is the barcode clear zone.

All outgoing packages and mail will be sent First Class unless the shipper provides special instructions to mailroom personnel.

* Only letter-size envelopes, less than 1/4" thick, to be metered will be sealed unless special arrangements have been made with mailroom personnel. Envelopes with square flaps, such as invitations, must be sealed before being brought down to the mailroom because the mailing machine cannot seal them. All envelopes to be machine-sealed should have the flaps folded under and separated from already sealed envelopes. Any sealed envelope mixed in with envelopes being sealed will jam the machine and damage the envelopes. The bundles of envelopes should also be rubber-banded together.

*Please complete and attach the metered mail permit. You may download and complete the information on the permit or contact Mail Services to have permits sent to you.

* Stamped and pre-paid mail should be separated from the mail that is to be metered. All such correspondence should be sealed by the sender.

* Mail to be metered for overnight courier mail to KUMC and Lawrence campuses must be delivered to the mailroom by 3 p.m. and have a department's name and billing account number as part of the return address for billing purposes. KUMC-Kansas City uses mail stop codes as part of their addresses and will be returned to sender without this information. The website with the KUMC mail stop code information can be accessed at

* When ordering envelopes, please note that white is the ideal mailing color. As the metered impression is red, it is not visible on red paper and is very difficult to read on blue or green materials.

* Larger or overstuffed (1/4" or thicker) envelopes must be sealed before arrival in the mailroom. Due to their irregular sizes, they cannot be machine-sealed. Envelopes with square flaps, including manila envelopes must be sealed before being metered.

*International mail should be separated from the domestic mail and must be brought to the attention of mailroom personnel, as special handling is required. Please separate international mail from regular mail and clearly designate as such. Also note that the name of the country should be on the last line of the address by itself per U.S. Postal Service regulations.

* Certified mail service is also available. Contact mailroom personnel for more information and forms. Delivery of your certified mail can be tracked online by clicking on the Track/Confirm link at

* Mail to be metered must be in the mail room by 3 p.m. Overnight mail to KUMC and KU must be in the mail room by 3 p.m. Mail received in the mailroom after the deadline will be processed for delivery the next business day.

Standard (Bulk) Mail - (Outside Services)

* Standard, "Bulk" mail is not processed by the mailroom. If you use an outside vendor to process standard mail, please complete the Bulk Mail Information Form and return it to the mailroom as soon as possible. This will give the mailroom the information necessary to ensure proper funds are in place for the next bulk-mailing customer.

Courier Service - Local Hospital

Courier service to Wesley Hospital, Via Christi St. Francis, and the Veteran's Administration Hospital is offered twice a week. The courier mail for these locations will be picked up by Metro Courier service at 9 a.m. every Tuesday and Friday. Any mail being sent from these locations back to the school will be delivered back the same day. Please be sure when addressing the courier piece to include the person's full name (first and last names), the office name and number, and the building and hospital name.

Interoffice mail should have a complete address so there is no doubt as to its destination. The address should contain the person's full name, the department's name, suite number, and the building if applicable.

Intercampus Courier

Overnight courier service is also offered to the University of Kansas, Lawrence, and the KU Medical Center; charges are assessed by package weight.

Include the department's name and billing account number as part of the return address for billing purposes. The Kansas City campus uses a system of mail stop numbers for more efficient delivery of their campus mail. Be sure to include the mail stop number on the second line of the address on your courier mail to the Kansas City campus.

Large Mailings

Please provide advance notification of departmental mailings which are significantly larger than routine mailings. Also, if the large mailing includes Business Reply envelopes the mailroom should be notified well in advance of the mailing so proper funds can be maintained in our Business Reply account at the Post Office. Larger department mailings should be delivered to the mailroom by 1 p.m. to allow sufficient time for processing on that day.

Mail Template

For your convenience in determining minimum size, proper height-to-length ratio, and thickness of items to be mailed, a U.S. Postal Service Standards Template for letters is available in the mailroom. Postcard size may range from a minimum of 3-1/2 by 5 inches, to a maximum of 4-1/4 by 6 inches (single thickness, not folded). Any item not meeting these requirements will not be accepted for mailing.

Business Reply Mail

The Business Reply Mail Accounting System is being utilized to reduce reply mail costs. Use of Business Reply Mail is encouraged when enclosing return or reply materials with mailings. For additional information contact mail services personnel at extension 3-2685.

Personal Mail

Except in extreme situations, the mailroom will not ship or receive personal mail.


The United States Postal Service has held that mail addressed to an individual at their place of employment is "business" mail and that no breach of confidentiality has been committed if that mail is opened by their employer. Under normal circumstances, the mailroom staff does not open mail if there is a department name or a person's name within the address. Mail addressed to an individual whose name is not in the mailroom's database will be returned to the sender. It is important that all faculty and staff give their full name and department to correspondents to ensure that there will be no delays in receiving their mail.

Holiday Postage Policy

Please be aware that State postage may be used to mail invitations for official gatherings held on our campus. However, should the gathering occur off site, private funds must be used for postage.

The State Attorney General has issued an opinion that "the use of State postage by a State official to mail holiday greeting cards is a personal use violation of K.S.A. 21-3911." The statute referenced is a provision in the criminal code.

It is essential that State postage be used only for official State business.

Last modified: Mar 29, 2017
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