Room Reservations

Facilities management strives to accommodate and support our customers with their room reservation requests in a timely and efficient manner. In order for our department to complete room set-ups, please provide the necessary information requested on the room reservation form for room calendars or areas managed by facilities. (Cottonwood, Courtyard, Esplanade, Flint Hills, Meadowlark, Roberts Amphitheater, Sunflower, and West Atrium)

1. Complete Room Reservation Request Form

(If room reservation is for an external customer not directly affiliated with KUSM-W, please refer all inquiries to KUSM-W facilities management at or 316-293-2625. Departments should not schedule or post any room reservations for external customers without approval from facilities.)

A separate room reservation form is required to be completed and copy/pasted into the room appointment for each individual room reservation, even if you are scheduling multiple rooms for the same event. (Do not use the same form for multiple room appointments.)

If submitting recurring appointments with multiple dates in the same room with the same set up, only one room reservation form will be necessary.

If reserving IT rooms or common areas, only complete this form if requesting special set up (extra tables, etc.), or if food/drinks will be served in IT rooms, or if reserving common areas (Courtyard, Esplanade, Student Lounge, West Atrium) with special set up requests. Send Outlook appointment to Wichita facilities management at with completed reservation form, and copy/paste form into appointment. (The room reservation form does not need to be completed for ITV rooms, if there are no special requests, or if food/drink will not be served.)

  • Enter information in fields for event name, recurring event, date of event, start/end time. (Housekeeping services will need at least 30-45 minutes in between appointments if the set-ups need to be changed, or if there is food/drink on appointments.)
  • Enter time you want the room unlocked for access to do any advance preparation prior to event.
  • Enter room name - Select room name/area listed, or "other" for rooms managed by IT services.
  • Select set-up name from the drop down boxes. (Set-up diagrams are available above by clicking on Room Configuration and name of room.)
  • The set-up name is an abbreviation of the room name, and then an alpha character for type of set-up. (Ex: Sunflower Room = SF-D)
  • The term "as set" or "standard set-up" has been removed as optional wording and will no longer be used.
  • Do not schedule multiple rooms on one appointment, it is necessary for separate appointments to be sent to each individual room.
  • If the room name is not listed in the drop down box, select "Other" and list the specific area needed in the special instructions section below.  
  • Enter # of attendees.
  • Answer yes/no if food/drink or alcohol will be served at event. If serving alcohol, the alcohol request form must be submitted for approval by the Dean.
  • Special instructions: In this section, enter details not provided above to include: # of extra tables/chairs and placement, tablecloths, skirted tables, extra trash/recycle barrels, and designated table #(s) listed if needed for Roberts Amph lobby, etc. If "Other" was selected in room field, provide details of location and set-up. Attach any diagrams/pictures if available for special set-up instructions when submitting the room appointment in Outlook. 
  • If requesting AV/ITV support you must contact IT services (separate appointments & forms for AV support & ITV room calendars will be required).
  • Enter department or organization name, contact person, phone number and email.
  • Complete requested fields for billing information if the event is for an external customer or ANY event held outside normal operational hours. See applicable Service Fees to be billed for room rental and/or housekeeping/security services.
  • Completed room reservation form must be copy/pasted into the room reservation appointment before sending. (See below)
  • Click the "Copy" button to the right of the room reservation form and proceed to schedule appointment in Outlook as explained in next step.


2. Schedule appointment to room calendar in Outlook

A separate room appointment is required for each room requested; please do not schedule multiple rooms in one appointment.

  • In Outlook calendar, click "New Meeting." In the TO: box, type the name of the conference room you wish to reserve. Ex: SOM-W Meadowlark Room 1305
  • Subject line: Type department name and name of meeting/event. Ex: Facilities, Staff Meeting
  • Location: Do not change or add any information in this field, the room name should default after entering info from the TO: box
  • Select the appropriate date/time and click the tab, "Scheduling Assistant." You will now be able to see if the room is available. In the time box, please indicate the actual hours you wish to reserve the room, do not select the "All Day Event" option.
  • Once you have determined the room is available, click back to the "Appointment" tab where you can now complete your reservation or change the date
  • Copy/paste the completed room reservation form from step #1 above (Appointments received without the form will be declined and returned to sender.)
  • Click "Send"


Changes in Reservation

To help ensure meeting rooms are set up in a timely fashion, please have room reservations completed by noon on Friday of the previous week, or if the event is canceled, please retract appointment in Outlook at least 24 hours in advance. Any changes made less than 24 hours in advance, please contact facilities at 293-2625 or

Failure to submit the required information on the room reservation form or room appointment in Outlook may cause the appointment to be declined, and removed from the calendar. If you need help, please contact the facilities office.

Last modified: Dec 21, 2016
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