Safety and Health Rights and Responsibilities

All employees, patients, and visitors of the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita have the right to expect a safe and healthy environment, including but not necessarily limited to:

  1. Protection from short- and long-term health effects which may result from exposure to hazardous materials and conditions.
  2. Availability of pertinent safety and health information, including education and training opportunities; and
  3. Availability of appropriate control measures to reduce risks.
  4. The responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy environment is shared by all employees. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    • Reporting any potentially hazardous situation to Facilities Management (extension 3-2625, after hours press "0" to be connected with the on-call maintenance person); To report any immediate hazardous situation call 911 and notify your supervisor.
    • Maintaining facilities in compliance with safety and health policies. For example, corridors must remain clear of any obstructions to access and egress; fire doors, alarms, sprinklers, and hoses must not be blocked.
    • Conducting all work in compliance with current safety and health policies and procedures.
    • Participating in all safety training programs applicable to job duties.
    • Understanding major disaster plans such as fire, tornado, external and internal.

This guide has been prepared as an overview of the institutional safety and health policies and procedures. For further information, refer to the specific policy manuals referenced.


Conceal, Carry & Weapons Policy & Reporting

Medical school policy prohibits possession of weapons of any type, including all firearms. If at any time you should observe someone on the school property with a weapon, notify Security immediately at extension 3-2662 or call the Security Emergency cell phone number at 648-8329. For your personal safety and security, do not confront any individual you observe with a weapon.

View the Conceal, Carry & Weapons Policy


Employer's Report of Accident

An accident is any occurrence which is not consistent with the standard operation or the routine care of patients. It may be a situation which might result in an accident. When an accident occurs, the complete facts must be recorded on the appropriate form as soon as possible.

Use Employer's Report of Accident to record all events involving patients, visitors, non-employed students, and loss of personal property.

The Employer's Report of Accident Form must be completed for all on-the-job injuries or occupational illnesses sustained by KU School of Medicine-Wichita employees and employed students arising out of and in the course of employment.

Accident reports are prepared for the protection of KU School of Medicine-Wichita and its employees. These reports are analyzed to ensure safe conditions at the medical school.

Employer's Report of Accident form can be obtained through Human Resources. For further information, contact Human Resources at 3-2615.

Fire Safety

Each employee should review the Fire Emergency Evacuation site assignment, and be aware of the following items prior to a fire alarm:

  1. Two means of egress.
  2. Locations of all fire extinguishers that are in your work area.
  3. Locations of all fire alarm pull stations that are in your work area.
  4. Location of evacuation site.

A Fire Alert exists if you hear or note that the fire alarm has been activated. Take the following actions:

  1. Be calm and alert.
  2. Evacuate the building quietly and quickly by using the nearest stairs, while assisting patients and/or personnel that may need assistance.
  3. Do not use the elevators. Those individuals with physical limitations may use the elevators, except if the evacuation is due to the activation of the fire alarm.
  4. Once outside, assemble and remain in your assigned evacuation site.
  5. Do not re-enter the building.
  6. Report any individual not accounted for to your floor monitor or the fire department personnel.
  7. Only after an "All Clear" is given by the local fire department or Facilities Management is it safe to re-enter the building.

Fire Emergency

A fire emergency exists when you suspect or discover a fire. Remember RACCEE. The following steps must be taken:

  • Remove those in immediate danger. Close doors and/or windows to room where fire is located.
  • Activate the alarm.
  • Call Security (extension 3-2662 or emergency cell phone 648-8329) or 911 and report the location of the fire.
  • Close all doors and windows in the surrounding areas.
  • Extinguish the fire if possible without risking personal injury.
  • Evacuate if imminent harm is present. Use the stairs. Otherwise, you will be informed by your floor monitor if an evacuation is needed and how to proceed.

Be alert for further instructions. Remain calm.


Bomb Threat

In the event that an employee receives a phone call regarding a bomb threat or other threatening call, the employee should take the following actions:

  1. Obtain as much information as possible:
    • Sex and voice characteristics of the caller
    • Background noises
    • Where the bomb is located
    • When the bomb was placed
    • When the bomb will detonate
    • Name and location of the caller
  2. Call (or have someone else call) Facilities Management at 3-2625 (after hours press "0" to be connected with the on-call maintenance person) and Security at 3-2662 (emergency cell phone 648-8329), preferably on another line, holding the original line open.

Facilities Management and Security will then follow their protocol for such incidents. Security will announce on the public address system if any further action needs to be taken by employees.

 fire evac


Evacuation Sites

Fire/Bomb Threat

Group 1 (North Tan Parking Lot)

  • Administrative & Financial Services
  • Dean's Office
  • Faculty Affairs
  • Facilities Management
  • Family & Community Medicine
  • George J. Farha Medical Library
  • Graduate Medical Education
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology Services
  • Internal Medicine
  • KU Alumni
  • KUEA
  • Medical Practice Association
  • Midtown Clinic
  • Psychiatry & Behavioral Services
  • Public Affairs
  • Rural Health Education & Services
  • Security

Group 2 (West Tan Parking Lot - Center for Primary Care)

  • Academic & Student Affairs
  • Bookstore
  • Medical Sciences
  • Office of Research
  • Preventive Medicine & Public Health
  • School of Medicine
  • Standardized Patient


Emergency Weather Preparedness

Tornado Watch

A Tornado Watch is announced by the National Weather Service when weather conditions could produce a tornado in the Sedgwick County area. Facilities Management and Security will monitor Weather Service announcements regarding severe weather or tornado watches and notify departments via LAN or the intercom.

Tornado Warning

A Tornado Warning is announced by the National Weather Service and⁄or Civil Preparedness sirens which sound when a tornado has actually been sighted in the Sedgwick County area.

In the event of an official Tornado Warning for the Sedgwick County area, the security guard will announce the warning on the public address system. All personnel are to seek shelter in the basement immediately.

Remain in the designated shelter areas until an 'All Clear' signal is given by Facilities Management to indicate that a tornado or severe weather no longer poses an immediate threat.


Employee/Student Responsibilities

  1. Stay away from windows.
  2. Evacuate to designated basement shelter areas using the stairs. Individuals with physical limitations may use the elevators.

Wind or Tornado Damage

If any injuries have been sustained by patients, visitors or personnel, take immediate life saving action as needed, and report injuries by calling 911.

For minor structural damage, contact Facilities Management at ext. 3-2625 (after hours press "0" to be connected with the on-call maintenance person).  For major damage where immediate assistance is required, call 911.

 weather evac


Hall Phone Number for Shelter Areas:

  • BC08 = 293-5512 or Extension 3-5512
  • B038 = 293-5511 or Extension 3-5511
  • BC03=293-5510 or Extension 3-5510

Evacuation Assignments by Department

BC03 BC08 B038
Information Technology Services Hall Library Hall Facilities Management Hall
Administrative & Financial Services Academic & Student Affairs Facilities Management
Dean's Office Bookstore Internal Medicine
Facilities Maintenance Shop Farha Medical Library Medical Practice Association
Faculty Affairs KU Endowment Midtown Clinic
Family & Community Medicine Medical Sciences Rural Health
Graduate Medical Education Office of Research Security
Human Resources PMPH  
IT Services School of Pharmacy
KU Alumni Standardized Patient
Mail Services  
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Public Affairs

Floor Monitors

Floor monitors are assigned for each department of the medical school. They are responsible to alert and assist personnel located in their department to move to an area of safety in the event of severe weather, fire, or bomb threat. Once in an area of safety, they advise people to reassemble and remain at their assigned area. If there is an individual not accounted for, they notify Facilities Management personnel in the area.

Floor monitors should designate an alternate to function in their absence during an emergency.

Floor Monitors' Procedures for Fire/Bomb Threat Evacuation

  1. Quickly check the possible evacuation routes to be certain that they are safe and clear of obstruction.
  2. Notify all personnel to evacuate the building and assemble in assigned areas outside. Advise personnel of the proper evacuation route and ensure that the proper route is being used. Advise personnel to use the stairs, not the elevators. Keep personnel calm and instruct them to evacuate quietly and quickly from the building.
  3. Assist patients and visitors to exit the building.
  4. Request or assign another employee to assist in evacuating persons with disabilities.
  5. Quickly sweep back through your area to check each room using the same evacuation route to ensure that all personnel have evacuated safely. You should be the last individual to leave your area.
  6. Once outside the building, advise people to reassemble and remain at their assigned areas. Report any individual not accounted for to your floor monitor wearing an orange vest, key contact person wearing a lime/yellow vest, or notify fire fighting personnel, do not re-enter the building.
  7. Remain with your group, keep personnel calm, and check for injuries requiring first aid.
  8. When you reach the evacuation safe zone look for person wearing the bright green vest to report your status to.
  9. Assist personnel in re-entering the building when Facilities Management signals an "All Clear" to indicate that re-entering the building is safe.

Floor Monitors' Emergency Weather Preparedness Procedures

In the event of a severe weather or tornado warning, the Civil Preparedness sirens in the vicinity of the medical school will sound or a public address system announcement will be made instructing all building personnel to seek shelter immediately. Responsibilities for Floor Monitors are:

  1. Notify all personnel to evacuate to assigned sites.
  2. Advise personnel to use stairs, not the elevators.
  3. Keep personnel calm and instruct them to evacuate quickly.
  4. Assist patients and visitors during evacuation.
  5. Request or assign another employee to assist in evacuating persons with disabilities.
  6. Advise people to remain at their assigned areas until an "All Clear" is given by Facilities Management which indicates that conditions are safe.
  7. When you reach the evacuation safe zone look for person wearing the bright green vest to report your status to.


Evacuation Site Assignments/Floor Monitors

To report evacuation status call:


Director of Facilities Management
Bob Wiese: 648-2456

Maintenance On-call phone: 648-1521


Floor Monitor

Back Up Floor Monitor

Academic and Student Affairs Heather van Buuren* Karen Drake*
AFS, Dean's Office, Faculty Affairs & KUAA Tyann Orton/Marianne Eyles
Bookstore Teresa Green  
Facilities Management Terri Osborne Debra Potgieter
Family & Community Medicine Lori Bearley Leslie Bretches/Terry Ast
Graduate Medical Education Kara Visokey* Kendra Engels*
Human Resources Crystal Nevins* LaShawna Blodgett*
Information Technology Services Penni Smith* Curtis Scott*
Internal Medicine Monica Ledbetter Jamie Schadegg
KU Midtown Clinic Susan Stipp Bea Williamson 
Library & KUEA Susan Clark* Patty Shay*
Medical Practice Association Debbie Loewen Janet Ewalt
Medical Sciences Stephen Charles*
Office of Research Trisha Richmeier Rosey Zackula
Preventive Medicine & Public Health Jimi Burke Linda Jordan
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Jennifer Collins Mary Spachek
Public Affairs Jennifer Eaton Jennica King
Rural Health Education & Services Brad Thomison* Laurie Scott*
Rural Health Education & Services (2nd floor) Anthony Pafford Jenifer Yuza
School of Pharmacy Bob Emerson* Patricia Coombs*
Security Julie Stimson/Security* Security Personnel*
Standardized Patient Kris Roudebush Inga Sogaard

* Responsible for checking restrooms and conference rooms

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