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Parking on Campus

Issuance of KUSM-W FY21 parking permits have been delayed until late August. Parking applications submitted will not be processed during this time. If you have any questions, please contact Facilities Management at 293-2625 or

The university maintains parking facilities to meet the needs of faculty, staff, residents and students, as well as patients and visitors. Parking on campus is solely at the risk of the owner/operator. The university assumes no responsibility for the security of vehicles or their contents while on campus.

With the exception of patients and visitors, all vehicles parked on campus between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (except State holidays) are required to display a valid parking permit issued by KU School of Medicine-Wichita.

Parking privileges at KU School of Medicine-Wichita are determined on a first come, first served basis. The parking committee reserves the right to alter and/or revoke permit assignments as the needs of individuals or the university community changes. Falsification of any information for the purpose of obtaining a parking permit or repeated violations of the parking regulations may result in the forfeiture of all parking permits and fees. A parking permit does not guarantee any specific parking space at any time or the availability of a parking space.

Parking Permits

Parking Application

After submitting the application, KUSM-W parking permits can be obtained from the Facilities Management office located in room B050. Please allow 24 hours for processing before picking up permit once application has been submitted. The office hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday (except State holidays). 

Purchase of a parking permit entitles you to park one vehicle in a permit-required lot at a time. Individuals sharing a common household must purchase separate parking permits at full price if more than one vehicle will be parked on campus at the same time.

Kansas City campus: If a person holds a Wichita parking permit and visits the Kansas City campus less than once per month, they may register for a KUMC courtesy parking permit and park in the yellow zones.

If a person holds a Wichita parking permit and visits the Kansas City campus more than twice per month, they will need to register online through KUMC's online parking system. After the status of their Wichita parking permit has been verified, they will be authorized access to KUMC's lots on a reciprocal basis.

The KUSM-W Facilities office has "proximity cards" available on loan to staff/faculty traveling to KUMC that will allow vehicles to be parked in the P5 Visitor Parking Garage while on the Kansas City campus. Contact Facilities for further information at 293-2625 or

Temporary permits: New employees may obtain a 30-day temporary permit by submitting the KUSM-W application form. Regular permit holders who forget to display their permit in their vehicle may obtain a one-day permit from Facilities Management. The one-day permit must be immediately displayed in the vehicle to avoid a ticket. 

Facilities Management can also be contacted at 293-2625 or for further information or specific questions regarding parking permits.

Parking Fees

View map of permit parking lots on the KU School of Medicine-Wichita campus.

Annual (July 1 - June 30)

  • Staff and Faculty:
    • Lot 1&5: $150 for faculty/staff
  • Students and Residents: $85 annually

Quarterly: $37.50
Quarterly permit hang tags may be purchased for three month duration (July-Sept, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar, April-June). Only cash/check payment will be accepted for this option. Amount will be prorated if not purchased at the beginning of the quarter.

Cancellation & Refunds 

Check/Credit Card Customers: A prorated refund amount will be calculated at the time the permit and written request is submitted to Facilities Management at The parking permit(s) must be returned to Facilities before a refund will be processed. There will be a $5 administrative fee deducted from the total amount refunded. Please allow two weeks for processing upon receipt of request.

Payroll Deduction Customers: A cancellation request must be submitted electronically via the Parking Lots 1 & 5 Payroll Deduction Authorization form. Select the cancellation option on the form and follow the additional information provided. Voluntary cancellations will be processed upon receipt of the returned parking permit to Facilities Management. The payroll deductions for parking will cease in the two week pay period coinciding with the date Facilities Management receives the parking permit and cancellation request.

Terminations - Permits must be returned upon termination of employment. If the permit was paid through payroll deduction, the balance owed on the permit will be billed to the employee for unreturned permits. If the parking permit is not returned after the payroll deduction has ended, the employee will be responsible for payment of the value of the permit while it is in their possession (whether used or not). Any unpaid balance over 60 days past due will be collected by Facilities Management through the State of Kansas Set-Off Program (K.S.A. 74-741).

Replacement Permits

  • Lost permits can be replaced for a fee of $20 upon submission of an application for a replacement permit.
  • Stolen permits will be replaced free of charge providing that a police report number is provided on the replacement permit application.
  • Damaged, mutilated or defective permits will be replaced free of charge upon surrender of the permit.

Parking Violations and Fees

Tickets issued by the Security staff are enforceable as authorized by Kansas Statutes Annotated  (K.S.A.) 74-3209 through 74-3216. In addition to the internal misuse fee, K.S.A. 74-3215 provides for prosecution of the campus regulations as misdemeanors in the District Court of Sedgwick County. It is the practice of the university not to pursue this prosecution if the misuse fees are paid in a timely manner.

Parking violations on campus are classified by groups (I through V) and are annotated on the parking ticket. Violation notice fees are as follows:

Group I:    $10 (violation fees shall be canceled if corrected and verified by a security officer within seven days of issuance of the notice).
Group II:    $25
Group III:   $35
Group IV:   $100
Group V:    Vehicle may be immobilized or towed from the campus at the owner's expense.

Payment of Fines: Violation fees are payable at the Facilities office either in person or by mail within 14 calendar days of the issuance date of the notice. Checks shall be made payable to The University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita. Cash payments can be made; however, only the exact amount may be submitted. A late payment processing fee of $5 shall be levied after 14 calendar days from the date the notice was issued. Credit and debit card payments cannot be accepted.

Employees of the State of Kansas, Medical Practice Association or medical residents who fail to pay the above fees shall be subject to collection under the State of Kansas Set-Off Program after 60 days as authorized by K.S.A. 74-741. Such fees may be collected by the State of Kansas either through a wage garnishment or the withholding of state income tax refunds.

Appeal of Violation Notices

The University Parking Committee is empowered to review the validity of violation notices. An appeal may be made by completing the online Parking Violation Appeal form or in person in the Facilities Management office no later than 4 p.m. on the 14th calendar day after the violation notice was issued. After 14 days, an appeal may be made only if payment for the violation is included with the appeal form. No appeal may be made after 90 days from the date of the violation notice. If the appeal is granted, all payments shall be refunded.

Towing and Impoundment of Vehicles

Vehicles may be towed from the campus at any time if they interfere with the efficient operation of traffic and parking at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita. Group III, IV, and V university violations subject a vehicle to removal from the campus and impoundment or immobilization.  

Violations are posted to the record of the person in whose name a vehicle is titled or in the name of the person to whom the parking permit is issued. All charges for towing and/or storage are the responsibility of that individual. Facilities Management shall release an impounded or immobilized vehicle after payment of all unpaid fines or $10 or 10% of the balance due and a signed agreement to schedule payments for the balance due within 90 days.

Parking Regulations

Kansas administrative regulations, Chapter 88, Article 4, provides regulations for governing traffic and parking facilities at State colleges and universities. Since the State budget does not provide funds for support of Parking Services, it must therefore be self-supporting.

6.0 Parking. The University of Kansas, through the Board of Regents and its administrative officers, may by state law, establish parking rules and regulations as authorized by K.S.A. Sections 74-3209 through 74-3216. All motor vehicles operated on the property of the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita are subject to the following regulations and it is the responsibility of each person operating any vehicle on the premises to be familiar with these rules.

6.01 Display damaged or mutilated permit. No vehicle shall display any permit which has been damaged or mutilated to the extent that the permit number or expiration date is not legible. 

6.02 Permit in wrong place. Permits issued by the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita must be displayed in the place and manner prescribed in these regulations. Placards (hang tags) must be displayed on the inside rearview mirror in such a manner that the expiration date is visible from the front of the vehicle. Re-positional "cling on" permits must be displayed in the lower left (driver's) corner of the front windshield. 

6.03 Permit not properly affixed. Any permit issued by the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita must be affixed to the vehicle in the manner prescribed. 

6.04 No parking permit. Any vehicle parked on the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita campus between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (except State holidays) must display a valid permit when such vehicle is owned, operated or under the control of any employee or student if the parking lot is posted as a permit-required lot.

6.05 Parking in area no assigned permit is authorized. Any vehicle displaying any permit issued by the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita shall park only in areas designated for permit parking.

6.06 Not in marked stall. Any vehicle parked on the campus shall be parked so that the vehicle occupies only one single stall and that no part of the vehicle intrudes into any other stall.

6.07 Non-designated parking area. No vehicle shall be parked in any area not designated for parking.

6.08 Parked in restricted area. No vehicle shall be parked in any area which has been designated as a restricted area either by signage, traffic cones or other devices or instructions of the security staff.

6.09 Parked on wrong side of the street facing traffic. No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner as to require the driver to operate the vehicle in the opposing lane of traffic when departing the parking space.

6.10 Illegally parked in loading zone. No vehicle shall be parked in any loading zone unless the driver or another person is actively engaged in the process of loading or unloading the vehicle.

6.11 Repealed, effective July 1, 2011  

6.12 Other. (Reserved for future use)

6.13 Blocking drive, roadway, or legally parked vehicle. No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner as to block, either entirely or partially, the lawful access to or egress from any driveway or traffic way or block any vehicle which is legally parked on campus.

6.14 Restricting the normal flow of traffic. No vehicle shall park in such a manner as to restrict the normal flow of traffic in a lawful manner.

6.15 Parked in designated fire lane. No vehicle shall be parked in any area designated as a fire lane either by the means of the signage or red painting of the curb line.

6.16 Parked adjacent to a fire hydrant. No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner as to block access to any fire hydrant either by parking adjacent to such fire hydrant or within 20 feet of any fire hydrant.

6.17 Illegally parked in emergency area. No vehicle, other than an emergency vehicle, shall park in any area which has been designated as an emergency area, either permanently or temporarily, by the placement of signage, traffic cones or at the direction of any security officer or other emergency service worker.

6.18 Display of forged or altered permit. No vehicle shall display any permit which has been forged or altered to make the permit to appear to be genuine, authentic or valid for parking on the campus.

6.19 Illegally parked in designated handicapped stall. Any vehicle parked in any stall marked as handicapped shall display either an official handicapped parking permit or handicapped or disabled license plate of the type and manner approved by the State of Kansas or any other state. Said permit or license plate must be valid at the time said vehicle is parked on campus. 

6.20 Excessive violator. Any vehicle which has been issued five (5) or more violation notices and said notices are unpaid, shall be classified deemed to be an excessive violator and shall be subject to immobilization and/or towing from the premises and impounded at the owner's expense until such time the outstanding violations are paid or payment arrangements have been made.  

Campus Parking Map



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