United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

The KU School of Medicine-Wichita campus is an approved site for the administration of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). We operate a Prometric testing center to administer Step 1, Step 2CK, and Step 3 exams only. Please go to www.usmle.org for information on exam applications, fees, practice materials, and FAQs. You are strongly encouraged to read the Bulletin to familiarize yourself with acceptable ID forms, break time management, testing regulations, and more.

Students completing their second year on the Wichita campus will receive specific instructions and assistance with applying for Step 1 from ASA.

How to Schedule an Exam

Go to www.prometric.com and follow the instructions to schedule an exam. You will need to have your scheduling permit ready.  If our testing center is not open when you prefer to test, contact Sue Kennedy, skennedy4@kumc.edu, or 316-293-3476 in Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) to check on the availability of other days.  Please provide three date options in your request to accommodate scheduling. We can be open Monday through Friday, holidays excluded. You will receive a confirmation email from Prometric within 24 hours of scheduling your exam.

Planning Ahead

Find our address, get directions to the campus, and confirm your testing appointment in advance on www.prometric.com. Bring your lunch on exam day as there are no restaurants near our campus. Avoid wearing clothing with many pockets, as they will need to be checked (each pocket will be turned inside out) after each break. Wearing short sleeves and bringing a sweater or jacket is encouraged. 

Exam Day

All examinees should arrive at the testing center at 7:30 a.m., with their scheduling permit and current government-issued photo ID - see www.usmle.org for acceptable ID types. Both are required for admittance.  If you are late, you might not be admitted and will be required to reschedule at your expense. Examinees are checked in individually and begin the exam immediately after check-in. You will be provided with markers, note boards, and ear plugs. Please read your scheduling permit and information the websites of USMLE and Prometric regarding preparing for your exam, testing procedures, and prohibited items.   

Parking is available in the visitors lot on the south/southwest side of the building by the main entrance, close to the flag poles. (See a campus map here.) Wichita students must observe regular parking rules. Enter at the main entrance, walk straight to the double elevators, and go to the third floor. Exit the elevator, turn right twice, and proceed to Room 3033. We provide lockers with locks to each examinee, but storage space is limited. A mini-refrigerator and microwave are available for use in the locker area and there are several vending machines and a self-service convenience store in the school.

Managing Your Time

You will have a minimum of 45 minutes of break time to use throughout the day. Break time can be increased by exiting the 15-minute tutorial early and/or by completing and exiting an exam block early. Be sure that the break screen shows on your monitor before you leave your workstation. You are responsible for keeping track of the amount of break time you use throughout the day. Break time is used when you leave your workstation, checking in upon return or even taking a quick stretch at your seat between blocks.

Be sure to exit quickly if the time allotment for a block runs out before you have completed those questions, as the clock for the entire exam day is still running. Time is not suspended while the computer is waiting for you to continue on.

During the Exam

Authorized breaks may only be taken at the end of a question block. You will be free to leave the testing center, go to the restroom, or walk around the school. Unauthorized breaks taken in the middle of a question block must be reported to NBME/USMLE as a testing irregularity.

If you experience computer issues during the exam, notify a proctor for assistance immediately.

After the Exam

After you finish the last block of questions, a brief on-line survey will appear if your testing time has not expired. The proctor will give you a printed verification that you sat for the exam which you should keep until you receive your score report. Scores are released weekly, usually three to four weeks after your exam. Check www.usmle.com for information on score delays. You may receive a survey from the USMLE Quality Assurance Program to monitor compliance with test administration standards. Your feedback is important to ongoing enhancements to the USMLE test administration process. 


Last modified: Jun 27, 2016
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