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Clinical and Population Based Research

This 2-credit course is designed to provide an opportunity for medical students to perform clinical and population-based research in a specialty of their interest with the assistance of a cross-disciplinary team of mentors.

Provide students with valuable research experience and a better understanding of the contribution of clinical and population-based research to evidence-based medicine.   

Research Activities
Although specific projects vary, students generally first identify a need/problem in a patient population. Once identified, students will systematically investigate this need by reviewing the current literature to describe the problem. Students will develop a data collection tool, acquire IRB approval from all applicable bodies dependent upon the individual project, collect and analyze the data, and present the project. Students are assisted throughout this process by clinical mentors in addition to biostatisticians, content experts, and other mentors from the surrounding medical community. The course transpires across multiple semesters, providing students the opportunity to initiate the research in their third year and conclude in their fourth year.

Required Deliverables
Students will be required to write a publishable paper. In addition, students will be expected to present their findings as an oral or poster presentation at a conference, including the KUSM-W Research Forum. Evaluation is largely based upon mentor assessment, review of the paper and presentation, and independent reviews. Additional assistance is provided if the students decide to submit their work for publication. However, pursuit of publication is not a requirement of the course.   

For more information, please contact the course director, Elizabeth Ablah, Ph.D., MPH,

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