Student Research

The links below present a large variety of research opportunities for students. The best procedure to find and engage in a research project is to follow these steps:

  1. Select a small number of interesting projects from the lists below.

  2. Contact the responsible faculty project leader to discuss available projects and when/how you could participate.

  3. Enroll for course credit (optional)
    First-year students contact Pam Shaw
    Second-, third-, and fourth-year students contact Melanie Runge

Course Credit: First-year medical students have the option of receiving credit for research experiences, but must meet certain standards and complete the appropriate enrollment as described in IDSP 800 Guidelines Research

Questions about student research or how to select a project? Contact Dr. K. James Kallail, Associate Dean for Research.

Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) - (Dr. Mike Werle, Director) IDSP 800
Medical students gain hands-on experience in an ongoing research project starting with a review of the literature and ending with written and oral presentations of their research findings at the Student Research Forum. Find more info here. 

Rural Primary Care Practice and Research Program - (Dr. Michael Kennedy, Director) FAPR 905
This elective rotation for medical students is sponsored by the Research Division of the Department of Family Medicine on the Kansas City campus. The program involves active clinical training as well as health promotion and disease prevention research in rural primary care settings across the state of Kansas. More info here.

Student Research in Wichita

KU School of Medicine maintains a list of opportunities appropriate for students who have completed the first year of medical school. 

National Research for Medical Students 

The Careers in Medicine initiative of the Association of American Medical Colleges maintains a list of opportunities.       

This program provides an opportunity for medical students to conduct research under the direction of an established Vanderbilt scientist during the summer between the first and second year, or the second and third year of medical school. Prior research experience is not required.




Last modified: Mar 17, 2016