Student Strengths Program

The Student Strengths program is launching August 2015. This voluntary enrichment program is a student and staff-led initiative to teach incoming and current Phase 1 medical students about their personal talents and strengths, in an effort to foster a strengths-based culture for students on the Wichita campus and provide a positive environment for student growth and resiliency.

The Students Strengths Program

This year, incoming M1s and current M2s will be invited to take Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder® to identify their Top 5 talent themes and to participate in two sessions designed to help students identify, appreciate, and apply their natural talents so that they become strengths. The first session will cover the basic concepts of the Strengths-Based Approach, and students will have an opportunity to learn more about their individual talent themes and the themes of their classmates. This session will provide students with a chance to get to know and appreciate their classmates while becoming familiar with their own strengths. The second session will occur later in the semester and will teach students how to apply their individual strengths to solving problems relevant to their experiences in the first two years of medical school.   This program is entirely voluntary; students are encouraged to participate if they'd like to learn more about the Strengths-Based approach. There will be no cost for participation. More information about session dates, access codes, and instructions for participating will be sent via email as the semester begins.  

What are Strengths?

Strengths-Based development is based on the concept that when people recognize their talents, or their "natural way of thinking, feeling, or behaving,"--- the things one does well naturally--- and invest in those talents by practicing and developing their skills and knowledge in these areas, they will develop their talents into strengths. Strengths are "the ability to consistently provide near perfect performance."  The strengths-based approach was developed by researchers at Gallup after decades of research showing that focusing on individuals' innate talents instead of areas needing improvement led to many positive outcomes for the individuals and the organizations they belonged to and participated in, whether for school or work. Gallup identified 34 talent themes in 4 domains:


  • Free StrengthsFinder® Assessment Codes Available: July 24- August 4
  • Introduction to Student Strengths: Early August (exact date TBA)
  • Applying your Strengths: Early September (exact date TBA)

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Jocelyn Mattoon, MS2 Student Strengths Coordinator  
Crystal Nevins Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach Student Strengths Facilitator  
Office of Academic and Student Affairs (316) 293-2603

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