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Emergency Medicine Interest Group


The Emergency Medicine Interest Group at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita is a student-led organization that provides students the resources to pursue Emergency Medicine as a career through hands-on experience and mentoring. By nurturing and cultivating student interest, we hope to strengthen the applicant pool to this exciting field of medicine.


  1. Assign students with a faculty mentor who will help the student develop exposure to the field of Emergency Medicine, and help guide the student through the application process for residency.
  2. Provide workshops which will allow students to have hands-on experience with many commonly performed procedures that are done in the ER.
  3. Schedule speakers and experts in the field to give lectures on Emergency Medicine and relevant topics.
  4. Provide students wtih the opportunity to do ride-alongs with the local EMS so students can experience first-hand what is involved in pre-hospital care.

Upcoming Events

EMS Ride-Along Safety Meeting
Tuesday, Dec. 3, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Sunflower Room
Dinner will be provided by the Via Christi Emergency Medicine Physicians group for those who RSVP to Cheryl Dobson prior to Sunday, Dec. 1.
(Students who wish to participage in EMS ride-alongs must attend this safety meeting in order to be eligible.)


Stephanie Thom
Stephanie Thom MS4                            

I love Emergency Medicine because it gives doctors the opportunity to practice in all areas of medicine. ER physicians are "jacks of all trades." You never know what is going to walk in the doors of the ER, and I find that very exciting. Medicine, in my opinion, is a puzzle that needs to be solved. You work-up the patients, getting your puzzle pieces, then you put the puzzle together. The variety of patients and pathology that presents to the ER requires a lot of critical thinking and problem-solving, which is what I love about medicine.

Interesting fact: I love to quilt. I got into it midway through medical school and it has become my favorite hobby. It is a great way for me to be creative and have the end result be a blanket that can keep me warm on the cold Kansas winter nights.

Cheryl Dobson
Cheryl Dobson

I love the complex and unpredictable environment of the Emergency Department. EM docs often serve people who are very sick, hurt, or extremely scared; when a patient presents to the ED, they not only require medical expertise, but they also need a great deal of compassion and reassurance. I enjoy being in the middle of the action, as well as being able to help people when they are most vulnerable.

Interesting fact: I have a major in Spanish, and I have been an exchange student in Mexico twice (once in high school and once in college.) I love learning about the Hispanic culture, and I am crazy about authentic Mexican food.

Emily Bounds
Emily Bounds MS3                             

I like that EM offers such a wide variety of patients. You may go from stitching someone's head up from a bar fight to putting a cast on a child who fell off the monkey bars to treating an elderly person with fatigue to running a code. It keeps me on my toes. I also like the small procedures that are involved in EM - chest tubes, lumbar punctures, central lines, etc. EM also offers a continuous learning environment. You will constantly be consulting physicians of all specialties who will not only be helping in the care of your patient, but will be teaching you a little more about their specialty in the process. Finally, the shift-work that is often available to EM physicians means NOT BEING ON CALL! It doesn't get much better than that.

Interesting fact: My hometown has a celebration every year for the town's birthday called "Galena Days." When I was a child, my parents, who were heavily involved in the planning and inner workings of the event, allowed me to believe that the whole town was celebrating MY birthday, which always fell during the week of Galena Days. Imagine my disappointment when around the age of 7 or 8, I discovered that the four days of bands, amazing food, Bingo, carnival, and parade were not for me at all.

Claire Thomas
Claire Thomas MS1                             

What really drew me to Emergency Medicine was the varied practice and patient population a physician in the ER gets to work with. I'm also very interested in international emergency humanitarian aid, for which EM is a perfect fit.

Interesting fact: I've studied five living foreign languages in addition to Latin, but can only work comfortably with patients in one of them - Spanish.

Scott Hall
Scott Hall MS3                             
PR Coordinator          

I like the fast pace and adrenaline of Emergency Medicine.

Interesting fact: I was a paramedic prior to going to medical school.

Thomas Greaves
Thomas Greaves MS3                             
PR Coordinator           

I enjoy the challenge of an acute problem, with the broad possibilities of medical management and procedures.

Interesting fact: I studied Speech and Language Pathology in undergrad.

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