Jager Society

The Jager Society

                                                    Director: Garold Minns, MD

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Thor J. Jager, MD, Wichita's first pathologist, was also one of the first internal medicine consultants west of Kansas City. Dr. Jager was responsible for establishing the strong medical tradition that continues in Wichita today. Dr. Jager's lifetime of hard work, dedication to medicine and his community led the Wichita campus to start the Jager Society in honor of his achievements.

Jager Society meetings are held monthly with our first and second-year medical students. This is a unique opportunity for the students to informally discuss their progress, concerns and other current topics in medicine with each other and the Dean of the School of Medicine. They are held from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on the assigned dates. For more information on these sessions please contact Academic & Student Affairs at (316) 293-2603.

For information on the Jager Society Advising Program please click here


Last modified: Sep 07, 2016
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